Add ART gtest `libnativeloader_e2e_tests` to ART MTS.

Also remove old comments about running ART gtests via test module
`ArtGtestsTargetInstallApex` from file
`tools/mts-tradefed/res/config/mts-art-tests-list-eng-only.xml`, as
ART gtests have since been integrated to MTS as ART standalone gtests.

Note that this test requires root access to the device, and therefore
won't be executed as part of the `mts-user` test plan.

Test: m mts \
        && mts-tradefed run commandAndExit mts-art \
             -m libnativeloader_e2e_tests
Bug: 306395261
Bug: 268491069
Bug: 167385698
Bug: 162834439
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Android Mainline Test Suite (MTS)

MTS consists of a set of testing frameworks and test cases, designed to help enhance the robustness, reliability, and compliance of a mainline train (i.e. a set of mainline modules).

MTS has mainly three types of tests:

  • Unit tests
  • CTS tests
  • GTS tests

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