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MTS Trade Federation
Mainline Test Suite Trade Federation, mts-tradefed for short, is built on
top of the Android Trade Federation test harness to test mainline modules.
Configuring mts-tradefed
Ensure 'adb' is in your current PATH. adb can be found in the
Android SDK available from
And ensure device is visible via 'adb devices'
Using mts-tradefed
To run a test plan on a single device:
1. Make sure you have at least one device connected
2. Launch the mts-tradefed console by running the 'mts-tradefed'. If you
are working from the Android source tree and have run 'm mts',
the script can be found at
3. Type:
'run mts' to run the default MTS plan
Some other useful commands are
To run a test module:
'run mts --module <module_name>'
To run a specific test:
'run mts --test <test_name>'
To shard a plan test run on multiple devices
'run mts --shards <number of shards>
note: all connected devices must be running the same build
For more options:
'run mts --help'
MTS Tradefed Development
See for instructions on obtaining the Android
platform source code and setting up a build environment.
The source for the tradefed framework can be found on the 'tradefed' branch.
Perform these steps to build and run mts-tradefed from the development
cd <path to android source root>
m mts
More documentation and details on using and extending trade federation will
be forthcoming in the near future.