Android CTS 14.0 Release 4 (11801623)
Snap for 10132053 from a5b2e45b4f673dd088418395eab8c9f93aa66722 to udc-release

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Android Compatibility Test Suite - Root extension (CTS-Root)

This is an extension the main CTS test suite, for general compatibility tests that require root privileges or a debuggable device.

Note that the name of this suite in the build system is CTS_ROOT (with an underscore), so this is built with m cts_root and tests must be tagged with cts_root in their test_suites to be included.

However in tradefed the name is cts-root (with a hyphen), so use cts-root-tradefed to run it, and run cts-root to run the default cts-root plan.