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// Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <limits>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <base/time/time.h>
#include <brillo/secure_blob.h>
#include <google/protobuf/repeated_field.h>
#include <gtest/gtest_prod.h> // for FRIEND_TEST
#include "update_engine/common/hash_calculator.h"
#include "update_engine/common/platform_constants.h"
#include "update_engine/payload_consumer/file_descriptor.h"
#include "update_engine/payload_consumer/file_writer.h"
#include "update_engine/payload_consumer/install_plan.h"
#include "update_engine/payload_consumer/payload_metadata.h"
#include "update_engine/update_metadata.pb.h"
namespace chromeos_update_engine {
class DownloadActionDelegate;
class BootControlInterface;
class HardwareInterface;
class PrefsInterface;
// This class performs the actions in a delta update synchronously. The delta
// update itself should be passed in in chunks as it is received.
class DeltaPerformer : public FileWriter {
static const uint64_t kSupportedMajorPayloadVersion;
static const uint32_t kSupportedMinorPayloadVersion;
// Defines the granularity of progress logging in terms of how many "completed
// chunks" we want to report at the most.
static const unsigned kProgressLogMaxChunks;
// Defines a timeout since the last progress was logged after which we want to
// force another log message (even if the current chunk was not completed).
static const unsigned kProgressLogTimeoutSeconds;
// These define the relative weights (0-100) we give to the different work
// components associated with an update when computing an overall progress.
// Currently they include the download progress and the number of completed
// operations. They must add up to one hundred (100).
static const unsigned kProgressDownloadWeight;
static const unsigned kProgressOperationsWeight;
DeltaPerformer(PrefsInterface* prefs,
BootControlInterface* boot_control,
HardwareInterface* hardware,
DownloadActionDelegate* download_delegate,
InstallPlan* install_plan,
InstallPlan::Payload* payload,
bool is_interactive)
: prefs_(prefs),
is_interactive_(is_interactive) {}
// FileWriter's Write implementation where caller doesn't care about
// error codes.
bool Write(const void* bytes, size_t count) override {
ErrorCode error;
return Write(bytes, count, &error);
// FileWriter's Write implementation that returns a more specific |error| code
// in case of failures in Write operation.
bool Write(const void* bytes, size_t count, ErrorCode *error) override;
// Wrapper around close. Returns 0 on success or -errno on error.
// Closes both 'path' given to Open() and the kernel path.
int Close() override;
// Open the target and source (if delta payload) file descriptors for the
// |current_partition_|. The manifest needs to be already parsed for this to
// work. Returns whether the required file descriptors were successfully open.
bool OpenCurrentPartition();
// Closes the current partition file descriptors if open. Returns 0 on success
// or -errno on error.
int CloseCurrentPartition();
// Returns |true| only if the manifest has been processed and it's valid.
bool IsManifestValid();
// Verifies the downloaded payload against the signed hash included in the
// payload, against the update check hash and size using the public key and
// returns ErrorCode::kSuccess on success, an error code on failure.
// This method should be called after closing the stream. Note this method
// skips the signed hash check if the public key is unavailable; it returns
// ErrorCode::kSignedDeltaPayloadExpectedError if the public key is available
// but the delta payload doesn't include a signature.
ErrorCode VerifyPayload(const brillo::Blob& update_check_response_hash,
const uint64_t update_check_response_size);
// Converts an ordered collection of Extent objects which contain data of
// length full_length to a comma-separated string. For each Extent, the
// string will have the start offset and then the length in bytes.
// The length value of the last extent in the string may be short, since
// the full length of all extents in the string is capped to full_length.
// Also, an extent starting at kSparseHole, appears as -1 in the string.
// For example, if the Extents are {1, 1}, {4, 2}, {kSparseHole, 1},
// {0, 1}, block_size is 4096, and full_length is 5 * block_size - 13,
// the resulting string will be: "4096:4096,16384:8192,-1:4096,0:4083"
static bool ExtentsToBsdiffPositionsString(
const google::protobuf::RepeatedPtrField<Extent>& extents,
uint64_t block_size,
uint64_t full_length,
std::string* positions_string);
// Returns true if a previous update attempt can be continued based on the
// persistent preferences and the new update check response hash.
static bool CanResumeUpdate(PrefsInterface* prefs,
const std::string& update_check_response_hash);
// Resets the persistent update progress state to indicate that an update
// can't be resumed. Performs a quick update-in-progress reset if |quick| is
// true, otherwise resets all progress-related update state. Returns true on
// success, false otherwise.
static bool ResetUpdateProgress(PrefsInterface* prefs, bool quick);
// Attempts to parse the update metadata starting from the beginning of
// |payload|. On success, returns kMetadataParseSuccess. Returns
// kMetadataParseInsufficientData if more data is needed to parse the complete
// metadata. Returns kMetadataParseError if the metadata can't be parsed given
// the payload.
MetadataParseResult ParsePayloadMetadata(const brillo::Blob& payload,
ErrorCode* error);
void set_public_key_path(const std::string& public_key_path) {
public_key_path_ = public_key_path;
// Return true if header parsing is finished and no errors occurred.
bool IsHeaderParsed() const;
// Returns the delta minor version. If this value is defined in the manifest,
// it returns that value, otherwise it returns the default value.
uint32_t GetMinorVersion() const;
// Compare |calculated_hash| with source hash in |operation|, return false and
// dump hash and set |error| if don't match.
// |source_fd| is the file descriptor of the source partition.
static bool ValidateSourceHash(const brillo::Blob& calculated_hash,
const InstallOperation& operation,
const FileDescriptorPtr source_fd,
ErrorCode* error);
friend class DeltaPerformerTest;
friend class DeltaPerformerIntegrationTest;
FRIEND_TEST(DeltaPerformerTest, BrilloMetadataSignatureSizeTest);
FRIEND_TEST(DeltaPerformerTest, BrilloParsePayloadMetadataTest);
FRIEND_TEST(DeltaPerformerTest, UsePublicKeyFromResponse);
// Parse and move the update instructions of all partitions into our local
// |partitions_| variable based on the version of the payload. Requires the
// manifest to be parsed and valid.
bool ParseManifestPartitions(ErrorCode* error);
// Appends up to |*count_p| bytes from |*bytes_p| to |buffer_|, but only to
// the extent that the size of |buffer_| does not exceed |max|. Advances
// |*cbytes_p| and decreases |*count_p| by the actual number of bytes copied,
// and returns this number.
size_t CopyDataToBuffer(const char** bytes_p, size_t* count_p, size_t max);
// If |op_result| is false, emits an error message using |op_type_name| and
// sets |*error| accordingly. Otherwise does nothing. Returns |op_result|.
bool HandleOpResult(bool op_result, const char* op_type_name,
ErrorCode* error);
// Logs the progress of downloading/applying an update.
void LogProgress(const char* message_prefix);
// Update overall progress metrics, log as necessary.
void UpdateOverallProgress(bool force_log, const char* message_prefix);
// Returns true if enough of the delta file has been passed via Write()
// to be able to perform a given install operation.
bool CanPerformInstallOperation(const InstallOperation& operation);
// Checks the integrity of the payload manifest. Returns true upon success,
// false otherwise.
ErrorCode ValidateManifest();
// Validates that the hash of the blobs corresponding to the given |operation|
// matches what's specified in the manifest in the payload.
// Returns ErrorCode::kSuccess on match or a suitable error code otherwise.
ErrorCode ValidateOperationHash(const InstallOperation& operation);
// Returns true on success.
bool PerformInstallOperation(const InstallOperation& operation);
// These perform a specific type of operation and return true on success.
// |error| will be set if source hash mismatch, otherwise |error| might not be
// set even if it fails.
bool PerformReplaceOperation(const InstallOperation& operation);
bool PerformZeroOrDiscardOperation(const InstallOperation& operation);
bool PerformMoveOperation(const InstallOperation& operation);
bool PerformBsdiffOperation(const InstallOperation& operation);
bool PerformSourceCopyOperation(const InstallOperation& operation,
ErrorCode* error);
bool PerformSourceBsdiffOperation(const InstallOperation& operation,
ErrorCode* error);
bool PerformPuffDiffOperation(const InstallOperation& operation,
ErrorCode* error);
// Extracts the payload signature message from the blob on the |operation| if
// the offset matches the one specified by the manifest. Returns whether the
// signature was extracted.
bool ExtractSignatureMessageFromOperation(const InstallOperation& operation);
// Extracts the payload signature message from the current |buffer_| if the
// offset matches the one specified by the manifest. Returns whether the
// signature was extracted.
bool ExtractSignatureMessage();
// Updates the payload hash calculator with the bytes in |buffer_|, also
// updates the signed hash calculator with the first |signed_hash_buffer_size|
// bytes in |buffer_|. Then discard the content, ensuring that memory is being
// deallocated. If |do_advance_offset|, advances the internal offset counter
// accordingly.
void DiscardBuffer(bool do_advance_offset, size_t signed_hash_buffer_size);
// Checkpoints the update progress into persistent storage to allow this
// update attempt to be resumed after reboot.
bool CheckpointUpdateProgress();
// Primes the required update state. Returns true if the update state was
// successfully initialized to a saved resume state or if the update is a new
// update. Returns false otherwise.
bool PrimeUpdateState();
// If the Omaha response contains a public RSA key and we're allowed
// to use it (e.g. if we're in developer mode), extract the key from
// the response and store it in a temporary file and return true. In
// the affirmative the path to the temporary file is stored in
// |out_tmp_key| and it is the responsibility of the caller to clean
// it up.
bool GetPublicKeyFromResponse(base::FilePath *out_tmp_key);
// Update Engine preference store.
PrefsInterface* prefs_;
// BootControl and Hardware interface references.
BootControlInterface* boot_control_;
HardwareInterface* hardware_;
// The DownloadActionDelegate instance monitoring the DownloadAction, or a
// nullptr if not used.
DownloadActionDelegate* download_delegate_;
// Install Plan based on Omaha Response.
InstallPlan* install_plan_;
// Pointer to the current payload in install_plan_.payloads.
InstallPlan::Payload* payload_{nullptr};
// File descriptor of the source partition. Only set while updating a
// partition when using a delta payload.
FileDescriptorPtr source_fd_{nullptr};
// File descriptor of the target partition. Only set while performing the
// operations of a given partition.
FileDescriptorPtr target_fd_{nullptr};
// Paths the |source_fd_| and |target_fd_| refer to.
std::string source_path_;
std::string target_path_;
PayloadMetadata payload_metadata_;
// Parsed manifest. Set after enough bytes to parse the manifest were
// downloaded.
DeltaArchiveManifest manifest_;
bool manifest_parsed_{false};
bool manifest_valid_{false};
uint64_t metadata_size_{0};
uint32_t metadata_signature_size_{0};
uint64_t major_payload_version_{0};
// Accumulated number of operations per partition. The i-th element is the
// sum of the number of operations for all the partitions from 0 to i
// inclusive. Valid when |manifest_valid_| is true.
std::vector<size_t> acc_num_operations_;
// The total operations in a payload. Valid when |manifest_valid_| is true,
// otherwise 0.
size_t num_total_operations_{0};
// The list of partitions to update as found in the manifest major version 2.
// When parsing an older manifest format, the information is converted over to
// this format instead.
std::vector<PartitionUpdate> partitions_;
// Index in the list of partitions (|partitions_| member) of the current
// partition being processed.
size_t current_partition_{0};
// Index of the next operation to perform in the manifest. The index is linear
// on the total number of operation on the manifest.
size_t next_operation_num_{0};
// A buffer used for accumulating downloaded data. Initially, it stores the
// payload metadata; once that's downloaded and parsed, it stores data for the
// next update operation.
brillo::Blob buffer_;
// Offset of buffer_ in the binary blobs section of the update.
uint64_t buffer_offset_{0};
// Last |buffer_offset_| value updated as part of the progress update.
uint64_t last_updated_buffer_offset_{std::numeric_limits<uint64_t>::max()};
// The block size (parsed from the manifest).
uint32_t block_size_{0};
// Calculates the whole payload file hash, including headers and signatures.
HashCalculator payload_hash_calculator_;
// Calculates the hash of the portion of the payload signed by the payload
// signature. This hash skips the metadata signature portion, located after
// the metadata and doesn't include the payload signature itself.
HashCalculator signed_hash_calculator_;
// Signatures message blob extracted directly from the payload.
brillo::Blob signatures_message_data_;
// The public key to be used. Provided as a member so that tests can
// override with test keys.
std::string public_key_path_{constants::kUpdatePayloadPublicKeyPath};
// The number of bytes received so far, used for progress tracking.
size_t total_bytes_received_{0};
// An overall progress counter, which should reflect both download progress
// and the ratio of applied operations. Range is 0-100.
unsigned overall_progress_{0};
// The last progress chunk recorded.
unsigned last_progress_chunk_{0};
// If |true|, the update is user initiated (vs. periodic update checks).
bool is_interactive_{false};
// The timeout after which we should force emitting a progress log (constant),
// and the actual point in time for the next forced log to be emitted.
const base::TimeDelta forced_progress_log_wait_{
base::Time forced_progress_log_time_;
// The payload major payload version supported by DeltaPerformer.
uint64_t supported_major_version_{kSupportedMajorPayloadVersion};
// The delta minor payload version supported by DeltaPerformer.
uint32_t supported_minor_version_{kSupportedMinorPayloadVersion};
} // namespace chromeos_update_engine