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  1. 06bbe49 Fix the uninitialized zeros buffer when zeroing blocks by Tianjie Xu · 8 days ago master
  2. 7b9a587 Don't log old PartitionInfo for full payload. by Sen Jiang · 3 days ago
  3. 1841408 Merge remote-tracking branch 'goog/upstream-master'. by Sen Jiang · 9 days ago
  4. 840703a Fix update over cellular network on guest account by Weidong Guo · 2 weeks ago upstream-master
  5. b05a65a update_payload: Fix most of lint styling issues. by Amin Hassani · 5 weeks ago
  6. 8adc243 Fix pylint warnings in by Sen Jiang · 5 months ago
  7. 5a65286 Fix pylint issue in by Sen Jiang · 4 months ago
  8. d9cb290 update_engine: Unify disk access for SOURCE_BSDIFF through update_engine by Amin Hassani · 4 months ago
  9. b19c3ec Unbind network after an update in Android. by Sen Jiang · 4 months ago
  10. b9e91ef update_payload: add run_unittests script by Amin Hassani · 5 weeks ago
  11. a050711 Remove zlib_fingerprint in by Sen Jiang · 4 months ago
  12. ee174a1 Lower the retry count in download fetcher if the update is interactive. by Sen Jiang · 4 weeks ago
  13. 84bc564 Fix build after libchrome uprev. by Sen Jiang · 5 weeks ago
  14. afd8cea update_engine: Log the rootfs and stateful partition's lsb-release by Amin Hassani · 7 weeks ago
  15. 2b9d241 update_engine: Update libchrome APIS to r456626. by Hidehiko Abe · 5 weeks ago
  16. c77e3a2 Revert "update_engine: Add XZ compression for CrOS" by Amin Hassani · 5 weeks ago
  17. b44f73b Revert "update_payload: Add XZ compression support" by Amin Hassani · 5 weeks ago
  18. 717c324 update_engine: Add XZ compression for CrOS by Amin Hassani · 3 months ago
  19. f1d6cea update_payload: Add XZ compression support by Amin Hassani · 6 weeks ago
  20. 9fd76b6 update_engine: Update unit tests to use unique_ptr for PolicyProvider by Igor · 6 weeks ago