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  1. 6f67d56 Support calling verifyPayloadApplicable from update_engine_client. by Sen Jiang · 2 days ago master
  2. 57f9180 Calculate verity hash tree. by Sen Jiang · 10 months ago
  3. d944faa Remove utils::DeviceForMountPoint(). by Sen Jiang · 4 weeks ago oreo-mr1-iot-release android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.4
  4. 4118d17 Change some dependencies to shared libraries. by Sen Jiang · 4 weeks ago
  5. b1a9e08 A/B update: Replace the zip FileHeader mechanism for update package by Shashikant Baviskar · 5 months ago
  6. 2a0ea63 Fix two android metrics reporting in update engine by Tianjie Xu · 7 weeks ago
  7. b67b90a update_engine_sideload depends on commonly used shared libs. by Tao Bao · 6 weeks ago
  8. 456853f Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into aosp/master. by Sen Jiang · 6 weeks ago
  9. 20262ad update_engine: Reset update pending callback after update actions by Adolfo Victoria · 7 weeks ago
  10. 897e540 update_engine: Remove xattr checks by Amin Hassani · 6 weeks ago
  11. 91f48b4 update_engine: Fix an invalid memory access in OmahaRequestAction::TransferComplete by Amin Hassani · 7 weeks ago
  12. 497044c update_engine: Add staging to update_attempter and omaha_request by Adolfo Victoria · 9 weeks ago
  13. 5a0a82c update_engine: add utilities for update staging policy by Adolfo Victoria · 10 weeks ago
  14. f6b0daf Merge Android Pie into master by Xin Li · 7 weeks ago android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.3
  15. 0cd9d77 update_engine: ReceivedBytes returns boolean on transfer completion/termination by Amin Hassani · 7 weeks ago
  16. 68512d4 update_engine: Fix a memory leak in UpdateDeferredByPolicyTest by Amin Hassani · 7 weeks ago
  17. 667cf7b update_engine: Reflect ActionProcessor and UpdateBootFlags changes in AOSP by Amin Hassani · 8 weeks ago
  18. 7a7a082 update_engine: Change time restrictions to return kSucceeded by Adolfo Victoria · 8 weeks ago
  19. abe4a77 update_engine: Remove Action object from FilesystemVerifierActionDelegate by Amin Hassani · 8 weeks ago
  20. 0dbf1f9 update_engine: Modify Update Time Restrictions to block downloads by Adolfo Victoria · 9 weeks ago