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  1. bb90dfb Update dynamic_partition_control_android for libfs_mgr API changes. by David Anderson · 6 days ago master
  2. 8c4d008 Don't spam the log when there's no mapped device. by Tao Bao · 11 days ago
  3. 14715ce Stop using unzip -p when extracting images by Tianjie Xu · 13 days ago
  4. 30fa5f5 fix DynamicPartitionControlAndroid::LoadMetadataBuilder by Yifan Hong · 14 days ago
  5. 700d7c1 [REFACTOR] DynamicPartitionControl: Add GetSuperPartitionName by Yifan Hong · 4 weeks ago
  6. c049f93 [REFACTOR] Move and refactor tests. by Yifan Hong · 4 weeks ago
  7. 186bb68 [REFACTOR] DynamicPartitionControl: combine DAP feature flag APIs by Yifan Hong · 4 weeks ago
  8. 012508e [REFACTOR] DynamicPartitionControl: minimize API by Yifan Hong · 4 weeks ago
  9. f9464b4 DynamicPartitionControlAndroid::LoadMetadataBuilder: always NewForUpdate by Yifan Hong · 4 weeks ago
  10. 5d2c453 IncludeBlocks: Preserve by Yifan Hong · 4 weeks ago
  11. e4d414e Only scan for deflates in regular files by Håkan Kvist · 7 weeks ago
  12. 4c891c9 Fix build for API change to DestroyLogicalPartition(). by David Anderson · 8 weeks ago
  13. 500ca13 Enable update_engine to access OTA package via file descriptor by Kyeongkab.Nam · 8 weeks ago
  14. 8ecb65f Rename product_services to system_ext by Justin Yun · 7 weeks ago android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.14
  15. 3c7e4b6 Match src paths with aidl package name by Dan Willemsen · 2 months ago android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.13
  16. 3d9f2ed Remove the support for PRODUCT_STATIC_BOOT_CONTROL_HAL. by Tao Bao · 3 months ago
  17. e1f55b0 Skip an async callback function when the UpdateBootFlagsAction object is destroyed by Tianjie Xu · 3 months ago
  18. ffb7595 Support `atest update_engine_unittests`. am: 9456b6fa14 by Tao Bao · 3 months ago
  19. 9456b6f Support `atest update_engine_unittests`. by Tao Bao · 4 months ago
  20. a92b1a2 Set the block device to be writable before writing verity data am: 32e82044ba by xunchang · 4 months ago