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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <android-base/macros.h>
#include <hidl-util/FQName.h>
#include <hidl-util/Formatter.h>
#include <utils/Errors.h>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace android {
struct AST;
struct Type;
struct Coordinator {
Coordinator() {};
const std::string& getRootPath() const;
void setRootPath(const std::string &rootPath);
void setOutputPath(const std::string& outputPath);
void setVerbose(bool value);
bool isVerbose() const;
void setDepFile(const std::string& depFile);
const std::string& getOwner() const;
void setOwner(const std::string& owner);
// adds path only if it doesn't exist
status_t addPackagePath(const std::string& root, const std::string& path, std::string* error);
// adds path if it hasn't already been added
void addDefaultPackagePath(const std::string& root, const std::string& path);
enum class Location {
DIRECT, // mOutputPath + file name
PACKAGE_ROOT, // e.x. mRootPath + /nfc/1.0/Android.bp
GEN_OUTPUT, // e.x. mOutputPath + /android/hardware/foo/1.0/*.cpp
GEN_SANITIZED, // e.x. mOutputPath + /android/hardware/foo/V1_0/*.cpp
status_t getFilepath(const FQName& fqName, Location location, const std::string& fileName,
std::string* path) const;
Formatter getFormatter(const FQName& fqName, Location location,
const std::string& fileName) const;
// must be called before file access
void onFileAccess(const std::string& path, const std::string& mode) const;
status_t writeDepFile(const std::string& forFile) const;
enum class Enforce {
FULL, // default
NO_HASH, // only for use with -Lhash
NONE, // only for use during enforcement
// Attempts to parse the interface/types referred to by fqName.
// Parsing an interface also parses the associated package's types.hal
// file if it exists.
// If "parsedASTs" is non-NULL, successfully parsed ASTs are inserted
// into the set.
// If !enforce, enforceRestrictionsOnPackage won't be run.
AST* parse(const FQName& fqName, std::set<AST*>* parsedASTs = nullptr,
Enforce enforcement = Enforce::FULL) const;
// Same as parse, but it distinguishes between "missing file" and "could not parse AST"
// return OK, out *ast:
// 0xdeadbeef -> successfully parsed
// nullptr -> file not present
// return !OK
// could not parse AST and file exists
status_t parseOptional(const FQName& fqName, AST** ast, std::set<AST*>* parsedASTs = nullptr,
Enforce enforcement = Enforce::FULL) const;
// Given package-root paths of ["hardware/interfaces",
// "vendor/<something>/interfaces"], package roots of
// ["android.hardware", "vendor.<something>.hardware"], and a
// FQName of "android.hardware.nfc@1.0::INfc, then getPackagePath()
// will return "hardware/interfaces/nfc/1.0" (if sanitized = false)
// or "hardware/interfaces/nfc/V1_0" (if sanitized = true).
status_t getPackagePath(const FQName& fqName, bool relative, bool sanitized,
std::string* path) const;
// Given package roots of ["android.hardware",
// "vendor.<something>.hardware"] and a FQName of
// "android.hardware.nfc@1.0::INfc, then getPackageRoot() will
// return "android.hardware".
status_t getPackageRoot(const FQName& fqName, std::string* root) const;
status_t getPackageInterfaceFiles(
const FQName &package,
std::vector<std::string> *fileNames) const;
status_t appendPackageInterfacesToVector(
const FQName &package,
std::vector<FQName> *packageInterfaces) const;
status_t isTypesOnlyPackage(const FQName& package, bool* result) const;
// Returns types which are imported/defined but not referenced in code
status_t addUnreferencedTypes(const std::vector<FQName>& packageInterfaces,
std::set<FQName>* unreferencedDefinitions,
std::set<FQName>* unreferencedImports) const;
// Enforce a set of restrictions on a set of packages. These include:
// - minor version upgrades
// "packages" contains names like "android.hardware.nfc@1.1".
// - hashing restrictions
status_t enforceRestrictionsOnPackage(const FQName& fqName,
Enforce enforcement = Enforce::FULL) const;
static bool MakeParentHierarchy(const std::string &path);
enum class HashStatus {
CHANGED, // frozen but changed
HashStatus checkHash(const FQName& fqName) const;
status_t getUnfrozenDependencies(const FQName& fqName, std::set<FQName>* result) const;
// indicates that packages in "android.hardware" will be looked up in hardware/interfaces
struct PackageRoot {
std::string path; // e.x. hardware/interfaces
FQName root; // e.x. android.hardware@0.0
// nullptr if it doesn't exist
const PackageRoot* findPackageRoot(const FQName& fqName) const;
// Given package-root paths of ["hardware/interfaces",
// "vendor/<something>/interfaces"], package roots of
// ["android.hardware", "vendor.<something>.hardware"], and a
// FQName of "android.hardware.nfc@1.0::INfc, then getPackageRootPath()
// will return "hardware/interfaces".
status_t getPackageRootPath(const FQName& fqName, std::string* path) const;
// Given an FQName of "android.hardware.nfc@1.0::INfc", return
// "android/hardware/".
status_t convertPackageRootToPath(const FQName& fqName, std::string* path) const;
std::vector<PackageRoot> mPackageRoots;
std::string mRootPath; // root of android source tree (to locate package roots)
std::string mOutputPath; // root of output directory
std::string mDepFile; // location to write depfile
// hidl-gen options
bool mVerbose = false;
std::string mOwner;
// cache to parse().
mutable std::map<FQName, AST *> mCache;
// cache to enforceRestrictionsOnPackage().
mutable std::set<FQName> mPackagesEnforced;
mutable std::set<std::string> mReadFiles;
// Returns the given path if it is absolute, otherwise it returns
// the path relative to mRootPath
std::string makeAbsolute(const std::string& string) const;
// Rules of enforceRestrictionsOnPackage are listed below.
status_t enforceMinorVersionUprevs(const FQName& fqName, Enforce enforcement) const;
status_t enforceHashes(const FQName &fqName) const;
} // namespace android
#endif // COORDINATOR_H_