Break on getService null interface

Reverts the part of I5d087d55caaf38a94dae7d06ded3179041994953
which is causing the below bug. This will cause b/36153684 to

Bug: 36611652
Test: Debug.getMemoryInfo works with test app
Change-Id: Ib99a065a9c566e6fda0646c22446a3f135a376b5
(cherry picked from commit 9cca95b53c644da023ade1aa4fb40365e1546217)
diff --git a/generateCpp.cpp b/generateCpp.cpp
index 3a1a200..63864e0 100644
--- a/generateCpp.cpp
+++ b/generateCpp.cpp
@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@
                 //    is not consistent)
                 // In all cases, try again.
                 out << "ALOGW(\"getService: found null hwbinder interface\");\n"
-                    << "continue;\n";
+                    << "break;\n";
             out << "return iface;\n";