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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef AST_H_
#define AST_H_
#include <android-base/macros.h>
#include <hidl-util/FQName.h>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "Scope.h"
#include "Type.h"
namespace android {
struct Coordinator;
struct Formatter;
struct Interface;
struct Location;
struct Method;
struct NamedType;
struct TypedVar;
struct EnumValue;
struct AST {
AST(const Coordinator *coordinator, const std::string &path);
bool setPackage(const char *package);
bool addImport(const char *import);
// package and version really.
FQName package() const;
bool isInterface() const;
bool containsInterfaces() const;
// Returns true iff successful.
bool addTypeDef(const char* localName, Type* type, const Location& location,
std::string* errorMsg, Scope* scope);
// Returns true iff successful.
bool addScopedType(NamedType* type, std::string* errorMsg, Scope* scope);
const std::string &getFilename() const;
// Look up an enum value by "FQName:valueName".
EnumValue* lookupEnumValue(const FQName& fqName, std::string* errorMsg, Scope* scope);
// Look up a type by FQName, "pure" names, i.e. those without package
// or version are first looked up in the current scope chain.
// After that lookup proceeds to imports.
Type* lookupType(const FQName& fqName, Scope* scope);
void addImportedAST(AST *ast);
status_t generateCpp(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateCppHeaders(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateCppSources(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateCppImpl(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateStubImplHeader(const std::string& outputPath) const;
status_t generateStubImplSource(const std::string& outputPath) const;
status_t generateJava(
const std::string &outputPath,
const std::string &limitToType) const;
status_t generateJavaTypes(
const std::string &outputPath,
const std::string &limitToType) const;
void getImportedPackages(std::set<FQName> *importSet) const;
// Run getImportedPackages on this, then run getImportedPackages on
// each AST in each package referenced in importSet.
void getImportedPackagesHierarchy(std::set<FQName> *importSet) const;
status_t generateVts(const std::string &outputPath) const;
bool isJavaCompatible() const;
// Return the set of FQNames for those interfaces and types that are
// actually referenced in the AST, not merely imported.
const std::set<FQName>& getImportedNames() const {
return mImportedNames;
// Get transitive closure of imported interface/types.
void getAllImportedNames(std::set<FQName> *allImportSet) const;
void appendToExportedTypesVector(
std::vector<const Type *> *exportedTypes) const;
// used by the parser.
void addSyntaxError();
size_t syntaxErrors() const;
bool isIBase() const;
// or nullptr if not isInterface
const Interface *getInterface() const;
// types or Interface base name (e.x. Foo)
std::string getBaseName() const;
Scope* getRootScope();
const Coordinator *mCoordinator;
std::string mPath;
RootScope mRootScope;
FQName mPackage;
// A set of all external interfaces/types that are _actually_ referenced
// in this AST, this is a subset of those specified in import statements.
std::set<FQName> mImportedNames;
// A set of all ASTs we explicitly or implicitly (types.hal) import.
std::set<AST *> mImportedASTs;
// If a single type (instead of the whole AST) is imported, the AST will be
// present as a key to this map, with the value being a list of types
// imported from this AST. If an AST appears in mImportedASTs but not in
// mImportedTypes, then the whole AST is imported.
std::map<AST *, std::set<Type *>> mImportedTypes;
// Types keyed by full names defined in this AST.
std::map<FQName, Type *> mDefinedTypesByFullName;
// used by the parser.
size_t mSyntaxErrors = 0;
bool addScopedTypeInternal(NamedType* type, std::string* errorMsg, Scope* scope);
// Helper functions for lookupType.
Type* lookupTypeLocally(const FQName& fqName, Scope* scope);
status_t lookupAutofilledType(const FQName &fqName, Type **returnedType);
Type *lookupTypeFromImports(const FQName &fqName);
// Find a type matching fqName (which may be partial) and if found
// return the associated type and fill in the full "matchingName".
// Only types defined in this very AST are considered.
Type *findDefinedType(const FQName &fqName, FQName *matchingName) const;
void getPackageComponents(std::vector<std::string> *components) const;
void getPackageAndVersionComponents(
std::vector<std::string> *components, bool cpp_compatible) const;
static void generateCppPackageInclude(
Formatter &out,
const FQName &package,
const std::string &klass);
std::string makeHeaderGuard(const std::string &baseName,
bool indicateGenerated = true) const;
void enterLeaveNamespace(Formatter &out, bool enter) const;
static void generateCheckNonNull(Formatter &out, const std::string &nonNull);
status_t generateInterfaceHeader(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateHwBinderHeader(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateStubHeader(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateProxyHeader(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generatePassthroughHeader(const std::string &outputPath) const;
status_t generateTypeSource(
Formatter &out, const std::string &ifaceName) const;
// a method, and in which interface is it originally defined.
// be careful of the case where method.isHidlReserved(), where interface
// is effectively useless.
using MethodGenerator = std::function<status_t(const Method *, const Interface *)>;
void generateTemplatizationLink(Formatter& out) const;
status_t generateMethods(Formatter &out, MethodGenerator gen, bool includeParents = true) const;
status_t generateStubImplMethod(Formatter &out,
const std::string &className,
const Method *method) const;
status_t generatePassthroughMethod(Formatter &out,
const Method *method) const;
status_t generateStaticProxyMethodSource(Formatter &out,
const std::string &className,
const Method *method) const;
status_t generateProxyMethodSource(Formatter &out,
const std::string &className,
const Method *method,
const Interface *superInterface) const;
void generateFetchSymbol(Formatter &out, const std::string &ifaceName) const;
status_t generateProxySource(
Formatter &out, const FQName &fqName) const;
status_t generateStubSource(
Formatter &out, const Interface *iface) const;
status_t generateStubSourceForMethod(Formatter &out,
const Method *method,
const Interface *superInterface) const;
status_t generateStaticStubMethodSource(Formatter &out,
const std::string &className,
const Method *method) const;
status_t generatePassthroughSource(Formatter &out) const;
status_t generateInterfaceSource(Formatter &out) const;
enum InstrumentationEvent {
void generateCppAtraceCall(
Formatter &out,
InstrumentationEvent event,
const Method *method) const;
void generateCppInstrumentationCall(
Formatter &out,
InstrumentationEvent event,
const Method *method) const;
void declareCppReaderLocals(
Formatter &out,
const std::vector<TypedVar *> &arg,
bool forResults) const;
void emitCppReaderWriter(
Formatter &out,
const std::string &parcelObj,
bool parcelObjIsPointer,
const TypedVar *arg,
bool isReader,
Type::ErrorMode mode,
bool addPrefixToName) const;
void emitCppResolveReferences(
Formatter &out,
const std::string &parcelObj,
bool parcelObjIsPointer,
const TypedVar *arg,
bool isReader,
Type::ErrorMode mode,
bool addPrefixToName) const;
void emitJavaReaderWriter(
Formatter &out,
const std::string &parcelObj,
const TypedVar *arg,
bool isReader,
bool addPrefixToName) const;
status_t emitTypeDeclarations(Formatter &out) const;
status_t emitJavaTypeDeclarations(Formatter &out) const;
status_t emitVtsTypeDeclarations(Formatter &out) const;
} // namespace android
#endif // AST_H_