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$ m -j hidl-doc


View usage info:

$ ./bin/hidl-doc -h

Parse the audio types.hal file in the Android repo and output generated HTML reference to the reference directory. Enable verbose mode:

$ ./bin/hidl-doc -v -i /path/to/android/hardware/interfaces/audio/2.0/types.hal \
  -o /path/to/output/en/reference/hidl/

Parse all HAL files in the Android /hardware/interfaces/ directory and output generated HTML reference docs to reference directory. Skip files that encounter doc parse errors:

$ ./bin/hidl-doc -v -s -i /path/to/android/hardware/interfaces/ \
  -o /path/to/output/en/reference/hidl/


HTML templates are used to generate the output docs and are in the resources/template/ directory. Since these files are bundled up in the fat jar file, if you make any changes to the templates, hidl-doc.jar must be rebuilt.