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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef INTERFACE_H_
#define INTERFACE_H_
#include <vector>
#include <hidl-hash/Hash.h>
#include "ConstantExpression.h"
#include "Reference.h"
#include "Scope.h"
namespace android {
struct Method;
struct InterfaceAndMethod;
struct Interface : public Scope {
const static std::unique_ptr<ConstantExpression> FLAG_ONE_WAY;
Interface(const char* localName, const FQName& fullName, const Location& location,
Scope* parent, const Reference<Type>& superType, const Hash* fileHash);
const Hash* getFileHash() const;
bool addMethod(Method *method);
bool addAllReservedMethods();
bool isElidableType() const override;
bool isInterface() const override;
bool isIBase() const { return fqName() == gIBaseFqName; }
std::string typeName() const override;
const Interface* superType() const;
// Super type chain to root type.
// First element is superType().
std::vector<const Interface *> superTypeChain() const;
// Super type chain to root type, including myself.
// First element is this.
std::vector<const Interface *> typeChain() const;
// user defined methods (explicit definition in HAL files)
const std::vector<Method *> &userDefinedMethods() const;
// HIDL reserved methods (every interface has these implicitly defined)
const std::vector<Method *> &hidlReservedMethods() const;
// the sum of userDefinedMethods() and hidlReservedMethods().
std::vector<Method *> methods() const;
// userDefinedMethods() for all super type + methods()
// The order will be as follows (in the transaction code order):
// great-great-...-great-grand parent->userDefinedMethods()
// ...
// parent->userDefinedMethods()
// this->userDefinedMethods()
// this->hidlReservedMethods()
std::vector<InterfaceAndMethod> allMethodsFromRoot() const;
// allMethodsFromRoot for parent
std::vector<InterfaceAndMethod> allSuperMethodsFromRoot() const;
// aliases for corresponding methods in this->fqName()
std::string getBaseName() const;
std::string getAdapterName() const;
std::string getProxyName() const;
std::string getStubName() const;
std::string getPassthroughName() const;
std::string getHwName() const;
FQName getProxyFqName() const;
FQName getStubFqName() const;
FQName getPassthroughFqName() const;
std::string getCppType(
StorageMode mode,
bool specifyNamespaces) const override;
std::string getJavaType(bool forInitializer) const override;
std::string getVtsType() const override;
std::vector<const Reference<Type>*> getReferences() const override;
std::vector<const Reference<Type>*> getStrongReferences() const override;
std::vector<const ConstantExpression*> getConstantExpressions() const override;
status_t resolveInheritance() override;
status_t validate() const override;
status_t validateUniqueNames() const;
status_t validateAnnotations() const;
void emitReaderWriter(
Formatter &out,
const std::string &name,
const std::string &parcelObj,
bool parcelObjIsPointer,
bool isReader,
ErrorMode mode) const override;
void emitPackageTypeDeclarations(Formatter& out) const override;
void emitPackageTypeHeaderDefinitions(Formatter& out) const override;
void emitTypeDefinitions(Formatter& out, const std::string& prefix) const override;
void getAlignmentAndSize(size_t* align, size_t* size) const override;
void emitJavaReaderWriter(
Formatter &out,
const std::string &parcelObj,
const std::string &argName,
bool isReader) const override;
void emitVtsAttributeType(Formatter& out) const override;
void emitVtsAttributeDeclaration(Formatter& out) const;
void emitVtsMethodDeclaration(Formatter& out, bool isInherited) const;
bool hasOnewayMethods() const;
bool deepIsJavaCompatible(std::unordered_set<const Type*>* visited) const override;
bool isNeverStrongReference() const override;
Reference<Type> mSuperType;
std::vector<Method*> mUserMethods;
std::vector<Method*> mReservedMethods;
const Hash* mFileHash;
bool fillPingMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillDescriptorChainMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillGetDescriptorMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillHashChainMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillSyspropsChangedMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillLinkToDeathMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillUnlinkToDeathMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillSetHALInstrumentationMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillGetDebugInfoMethod(Method* method) const;
bool fillDebugMethod(Method* method) const;
void emitDigestChain(
Formatter& out, const std::string& prefix, const std::vector<const Interface*>& chain,
std::function<std::string(std::unique_ptr<ConstantExpression>)> byteToString) const;
// An interface / method tuple.
struct InterfaceAndMethod {
InterfaceAndMethod(const Interface *iface, Method *method)
: mInterface(iface),
mMethod(method) {}
Method *method() const { return mMethod; }
const Interface *interface() const { return mInterface; }
// do not own these objects.
const Interface *mInterface;
Method *mMethod;
} // namespace android
#endif // INTERFACE_H_