Update tzdb version from 2019a to 2019b

Update tzdb version from 2019a to 2019b. This commit includes changes
to Android's countryzones.txt to track IANA's mapping of

From the upstream announcement:

     Brazil no longer observes DST.
     'zic -b slim' outputs smaller TZif files; please try it out.
     Palestine's 2019 spring-forward transition was on 03-29, not 03-30.

   Changes to future timestamps

     Brazil has canceled DST and will stay on standard time indefinitely.
     (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen, Marcus Diniz, and Daniel Soares de

     Predictions for Morocco now go through 2087 instead of 2037, to
     work around a problem on newlib when using TZif files output by
     zic 2019a or earlier.  (Problem reported by David Gauchard.)

   Changes to past and future timestamps

     Palestine's 2019 spring transition was 03-29 at 00:00, not 03-30
     at 01:00.  (Thanks to Sharef Mustafa and Even Scharning.)  Guess
     future transitions to be March's last Friday at 00:00.

   Changes to past timestamps

     Hong Kong's 1941-06-15 spring-forward transition was at 03:00, not
     03:30.  Its 1945 transition from JST to HKT was on 11-18 at 02:00,
     not 09-15 at 00:00.  In 1946 its spring-forward transition was on
     04-21 at 00:00, not the previous day at 03:30.  From 1946 through
     1952 its fall-back transitions occurred at 04:30, not at 03:30.
     In 1947 its fall-back transition was on 11-30, not 12-30.
     (Thanks to P Chan.)

   Changes to past time zone abbreviations

     Italy's 1866 transition to Rome Mean Time was on December 12, not
     September 22.  This affects only the time zone abbreviation for
     Europe/Rome between those dates.  (Thanks to Stephen Trainor and
     Luigi Rosa.)

   Changes affecting metadata only

     Add info about the Crimea situation in zone1970.tab and zone.tab.
     (Problem reported by Serhii Demediuk.)

This commit is the result of applying external/cldr, external/icu
changes, running system/timezone/download-iana-files.py --data, making small
changes to countryzones.txt and then running

Ran CTS modules on a taimen:

Test: See above
Bug: 136508885
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