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# sgdisk called from vold
type sgdisk, domain;
type sgdisk_exec, system_file_type, exec_type, file_type;
# Allowed to read/write low-level partition tables
allow sgdisk block_device:dir search;
allow sgdisk vold_device:blk_file rw_file_perms;
# HDIO_GETGEO needed to get the number of disk heads
# on vold_device. How quaint.
allowxperm sgdisk vold_device:blk_file ioctl { HDIO_GETGEO };
# sgdisk also uses BLKGETSIZE and BLKGETSIZE64. BLKGETSIZE64
# is granted to all block device users in domain.te, so
# no need to mention it here. sgdisk should not be
# using the BLKGETSIZE ioctl as it is useless for devices over
# 2T in size, but we allow it for now and hope that sgdisk
# will fix their bug.
allowxperm sgdisk vold_device:blk_file ioctl { BLKGETSIZE };
# Force a re-read of the partition table.
allowxperm sgdisk vold_device:blk_file ioctl { BLKRRPART };
# Inherit and use pty created by android_fork_execvp()
allow sgdisk devpts:chr_file { read write ioctl getattr };
# Allow stdin/out back to vold
allow sgdisk vold:fd use;
allow sgdisk vold:fifo_file { read write getattr };
# Used to probe kernel to reload partition tables
allow sgdisk self:global_capability_class_set sys_admin;
# Only allow entry from vold
neverallow { domain -vold } sgdisk:process transition;
neverallow * sgdisk:process dyntransition;
neverallow sgdisk { file_type fs_type -sgdisk_exec }:file entrypoint;