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# hwservicemanager - the Binder context manager for HAL services
type hwservicemanager, domain, mlstrustedsubject;
type hwservicemanager_exec, system_file_type, exec_type, file_type;
# Note that we do not use the binder_* macros here.
# hwservicemanager provides name service (aka context manager)
# for hwbinder.
# Additionally, it initiates binder IPC calls to
# clients who request service notifications. The permission
# to do this is granted in the hwbinder_use macro.
allow hwservicemanager self:binder set_context_mgr;
set_prop(hwservicemanager, hwservicemanager_prop)
# Scan through /system/lib64/hw looking for installed HALs
allow hwservicemanager system_file:dir r_dir_perms;
# Read hwservice_contexts
allow hwservicemanager hwservice_contexts_file:file r_file_perms;
# Check SELinux permissions.