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# Allow apps to read the Test Harness Mode property. This property is used in
# the implementation of ActivityManager.isDeviceInTestHarnessMode()
get_prop(appdomain, test_harness_prop)
neverallow appdomain system_server:udp_socket {
accept append bind create ioctl listen lock name_bind
relabelfrom relabelto setattr shutdown };
# Transition to a non-app domain.
# Exception for the shell and su domains, can transition to runas, etc.
# Exception for crash_dump to allow for app crash reporting.
# Exception for renderscript binaries (/system/bin/bcc, /system/bin/
# to allow renderscript to create privileged executable files.
neverallow { appdomain -shell userdebug_or_eng(`-su') }
{ domain -appdomain -crash_dump -rs }:process { transition };
neverallow { appdomain -shell userdebug_or_eng(`-su') }
{ domain -appdomain }:process { dyntransition };