Dumpstate: hwbinder_use

Dumpstate needs the hwbinder_use permission in order to talk to hardware

Bug: 34709307
Test: no denials submitting bugreport
Change-Id: Ic51da5371cd346c0fa9fb3881a47adaf53c93566
(cherry picked from commit ba68f5547e351b6638be24137c1fedc68be44ec6)
diff --git a/public/dumpstate.te b/public/dumpstate.te
index c120736..4882b98 100644
--- a/public/dumpstate.te
+++ b/public/dumpstate.te
@@ -89,6 +89,7 @@
 # Vibrate the device after we are done collecting the bugreport
 # For binderized mode:
 binder_call(dumpstate, hal_dumpstate)
 binder_call(dumpstate, hal_vibrator)
 binder_call(dumpstate, hwservicemanager)