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# nfc subsystem
typeattribute nfc coredomain;
add_service(nfc, nfc_service)
hal_client_domain(nfc, hal_nfc)
# Data file accesses.
allow nfc nfc_data_file:dir create_dir_perms;
allow nfc nfc_data_file:notdevfile_class_set create_file_perms;
# SoundPool loading and playback
allow nfc audioserver_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc drmserver_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc mediacodec_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc mediametrics_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc mediaextractor_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc mediaserver_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc radio_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc app_api_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc system_api_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc vr_manager_service:service_manager find;
allow nfc secure_element_service:service_manager find;
set_prop(nfc, nfc_prop);
# already open bugreport file descriptors may be shared with
# the nfc process, from a file in
# /data/data/*.
allow nfc shell_data_file:file read;