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typeattribute netutils_wrapper coredomain;
r_dir_file(netutils_wrapper, system_file);
# For netutils (ip, iptables, tc)
allow netutils_wrapper self:global_capability_class_set net_raw;
allow netutils_wrapper system_file:file { execute execute_no_trans };
allow netutils_wrapper proc_net:file { open read getattr };
allow netutils_wrapper self:rawip_socket create_socket_perms;
allow netutils_wrapper self:udp_socket create_socket_perms;
allow netutils_wrapper self:global_capability_class_set net_admin;
# ip utils need everything but ioctl
allow netutils_wrapper self:netlink_route_socket ~ioctl;
allow netutils_wrapper self:netlink_xfrm_socket ~ioctl;
# For netutils (ndc) to be able to talk to netd
allow netutils_wrapper netd_socket:sock_file { open getattr read write append };
allow netutils_wrapper netd:unix_stream_socket { read getattr connectto };
# For vendor code that update the iptables rules at runtime. They need to reload
# the whole chain including the xt_bpf rules. They need to access to the pinned
# program when reloading the rule.
allow netutils_wrapper fs_bpf:dir search;
allow netutils_wrapper fs_bpf:file { read write };
allow netutils_wrapper bpfloader:bpf prog_run;
# For /data/misc/net access to ndc and ip
r_dir_file(netutils_wrapper, net_data_file)
}, netutils_wrapper_exec, netutils_wrapper)
# suppress spurious denials
dontaudit netutils_wrapper self:global_capability_class_set sys_resource;
# netutils wrapper may only use the following capabilities.
neverallow netutils_wrapper self:global_capability_class_set ~{ net_admin net_raw };