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# PRNG seeder daemon
# Started from early init, maintains a FIPS approved DRBG which it periodically reseeds from
# /dev/hw_random. When BoringSSL (libcrypto) in other processes needs seeding data for its
# internal DRBGs it will connect to /dev/socket/prng_seeder and the daemon will write a
# fixed size block of entropy then disconnect. No other IO is performed.
typeattribute prng_seeder coredomain;
# mlstrustedsubject required in order to allow connections from trusted app domains.
typeattribute prng_seeder mlstrustedsubject;
type prng_seeder_exec, system_file_type, exec_type, file_type;
# Socket open and listen are performed by init.
allow prng_seeder prng_seeder:unix_stream_socket { read write getattr accept };
allow prng_seeder hw_random_device:chr_file { read open };
allow prng_seeder kmsg_debug_device:chr_file { w_file_perms getattr ioctl };