Remove duplicate neverallow for hal_audio_server

A vendor has an audio HAL implementation for Android Automotive that
controls amplifiers with tcp sockets. This violates a neverallow rule
in 'public/hal_audio.te':

neverallow hal_audio_server domain:{ tcp_socket udp_socket rawip_socket
} *;

This rule prevents any audio HAL server from accessing sockets; But
public/hal_neverallows.te, line 19 exempts HAL servers on automotive
devices; because in a car it is common to have external modules
accessible over in-vehicle networks.

Therefore, the existing neverallow rule in hal_audio.te is a duplicate;
and this CL removes this rule.

Vendors on automotive devices should refer to 'vendor/hal_audio_default.te',
by (1) creating a new type; (2) associating the type with the
'hal_automotive_socket_exemption' attribute.

Bug: 150400684
Fix: 158855492
Test: tested with the following rules in 'vendor/hal_audio_default.te'
Test: type harmon_amplifier, domain;
Test: typeattribute hal_audio_default hal_automotive_socket_exemption;
Test: allow hal_audio_default harmon_amplifier:tcp_socket connect;
Test: m -j should compile sepolicy without complaints
Change-Id: I517b050d0582d08f94f35ba815a030121385f319
(cherry picked from commit 6067b53d4f05564e857e99448a0b92d645634f8a)
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