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  1. 663a827 Merge "Selinux changes for vr flinger vsync service" by Treehugger Robot · 14 hours ago master
  2. 5ca755e system_server: allow appending to `debuggerd -j` pipe. by Josh Gao · 17 hours ago
  3. 7bec967 Selinux changes for vr flinger vsync service by Steven Thomas · 5 days ago
  4. 6397d7e Merge changes from topic "coredomain_batteryinfo" by Treehugger Robot · 5 days ago
  5. 711908e vold: not allowed to read sysfs_batteryinfo by Yifan Hong · 6 days ago
  6. b5f7f28 full_treble: coredomain must not have access to sysfs_batteryinfo by Yifan Hong · 3 weeks ago
  7. 280c6af Merge "sepolicy: create rules for system properties" by Treehugger Robot · 7 days ago
  8. 7d7328b Merge "Allow to read events/header_page with debugfs_tracing" by Treehugger Robot · 7 days ago
  9. 2fc89a7 sepolicy: create rules for system properties by Aalique Grahame · 5 weeks ago
  10. 43a0a8e Merge "Split selinux_policy module into two." by Anton Hansson · 2 weeks ago
  11. 8cfe1e6 Split selinux_policy module into two. by Anton Hansson · 2 weeks ago
  12. a62ce04 Allow to read events/header_page with debugfs_tracing by Florian Mayer · 3 weeks ago
  13. 589dbe1 Merge "Sepolicy for rw mount point for product extensions." by Treehugger Robot · 2 weeks ago
  14. 48f1c4c Merge "Allow surfaceflinger to call into mediacodec" by Treehugger Robot · 2 weeks ago
  15. 74f8655 Merge "Export more files in proc_perf." by Yabin Cui · 2 weeks ago
  16. 0946481 Export more files in proc_perf. by Yabin Cui · 3 weeks ago
  17. 8a8d4ef public/netd.te: allow netd to operate icmp_socket that passed to it by Yongqin Liu · 2 weeks ago
  18. ff2dcca Allow surfaceflinger to call into mediacodec by Pawin Vongmasa · 3 weeks ago
  19. c6afcb7 remove thermalcallback_hwservice by Todd Poynor · 3 weeks ago
  20. 05fc3f2 Merge "priv_app: dontaudit read access to default sysfs label" by Treehugger Robot · 3 weeks ago