Keystore 2.0 km_compat: Buffer incomplete updates.

Older KM implementations do not consume data if in certain block modes
when too little data is presented. However, km_compat update assumes
that the backend always consumes some data. If this assumption does not
hold it can get stuck in an infinite loop.

This patch adds some buffering, allowing the km_compat to buffer
unconsumed data and make it appear to the caller that the data was
indeed consumed.

Ignore-AOSP-First: b/200041882 ASA review.

Bug: 200041882
Test: CtsKeystoreTestCases for regression testing
Merged-In: Icae44c6bc97507f192ec44c944c3bc0a9dd60ba7
Change-Id: Icae44c6bc97507f192ec44c944c3bc0a9dd60ba7
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