key_store:Using euid instead of uid when upgrade wifi blobs

The update transaction goes wrong in "KeyStoreService::upgradeKeyBlob"
function, which try to delete corresponds key blob use "KeyStore.del"
and the target key blob "filename" is generated by uid = "AID_KEYSTORE
1017" which belongs to "" binder service. '

However, the target key blob is actually owned by uid = "AID_WIFI 1010".
So, we CAN NOT upgrade the wifi password definitely,and connection fail
(could not find that key blob file, because it is not EXIST).

BUG: 65580171

Test: The phone is update to a version with patch level 2017-08.
      1.connect to a wifi hotpoint (Encryption type: "802.1x EAP" ,
        EAP method: :"TLS" , and with "CA certificate"
        and "User certificate" )
      2.update the phone to a new version with patch level 2017-09
      3.connect to the wifi that we have connected in step 1
      4.wifi connect success

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