nfc: don't memset a global

The GKI struct is already in .bss, which is defined to be set to 0 when
the process starts. Explicitly setting this to 0 does nothing but
increase dirty pages.

Test: boots, works
Bug 146228323

Change-Id: I376eb8a2408c0f9672af6877cd6d8be0459eed60
diff --git a/src/gki/ulinux/ b/src/gki/ulinux/
index fc3b5c6..f2e6b64 100644
--- a/src/gki/ulinux/
+++ b/src/gki/ulinux/
@@ -118,8 +118,6 @@
   pthread_mutexattr_t attr;
   tGKI_OS* p_os;
-  memset(&gki_cb, 0, sizeof(gki_cb));
   gki_timers_init(); = (uint32_t)times(nullptr);