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* Copyright (C) 2010-2014 Broadcom Corporation
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at:
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* This is the private interface file for the NFA HCI.
#ifndef NFA_HCI_INT_H
#define NFA_HCI_INT_H
#include <string>
#include "nfa_ee_api.h"
#include "nfa_hci_api.h"
#include "nfa_sys.h"
extern uint8_t HCI_LOOPBACK_DEBUG;
/* NFA HCI DEBUG states */
#define NFA_HCI_DEBUG_ON 0x01
#define NFA_HCI_DEBUG_OFF 0x00
** Constants and data types
#define NFA_HCI_HOST_ID_UICC0 0x02 /* Host ID for UICC 0 */
/* Lost host specific gate */
#define NFA_HCI_SESSION_ID_LEN 8 /* HCI Session ID length */
/* HCI SW Version number */
#define NFA_HCI_VERSION_SW 0x090000
/* HCI HW Version number */
#define NFA_HCI_VERSION_HW 0x000000
"HCI" /* Vendor Name */
/* Model ID */
#define NFA_HCI_MODEL_ID 00
/* HCI Version */
#define NFA_HCI_VERSION 90
/* NFA HCI states */
#define NFA_HCI_STATE_DISABLED 0x00 /* HCI is disabled */
/* HCI performing Initialization sequence */
/* HCI is waiting for initialization of other host in the network */
/* HCI is waiting to handle api commands */
#define NFA_HCI_STATE_IDLE 0x03
/* HCI is waiting for response to command sent */
/* Removing all pipes prior to removing the gate */
/* Removing all pipes and gates prior to deregistering the app */
#define NFA_HCI_STATE_RESTORE 0x07 /* HCI restore */
/* HCI is waiting for initialization of other host in the network after restore
typedef uint8_t tNFA_HCI_STATE;
/* NFA HCI PIPE states */
#define NFA_HCI_PIPE_CLOSED 0x00 /* Pipe is closed */
#define NFA_HCI_PIPE_OPENED 0x01 /* Pipe is opened */
typedef uint8_t tNFA_HCI_COMMAND;
typedef uint8_t tNFA_HCI_RESPONSE;
/* NFA HCI Internal events */
enum {
NFA_SYS_EVT_START(NFA_ID_HCI), /* Register APP with HCI */
NFA_HCI_API_DEREGISTER_APP_EVT, /* Deregister an app from HCI */
NFA_HCI_API_GET_APP_GATE_PIPE_EVT, /* Get the list of gate and pipe associated
to the application */
NFA_HCI_API_ALLOC_GATE_EVT, /* Allocate a dyanmic gate for the application */
NFA_HCI_API_DEALLOC_GATE_EVT, /* Deallocate a previously allocated gate to the
application */
NFA_HCI_API_GET_HOST_LIST_EVT, /* Get the list of Host in the network */
NFA_HCI_API_GET_REGISTRY_EVT, /* Get a registry entry from a host */
NFA_HCI_API_SET_REGISTRY_EVT, /* Set a registry entry on a host */
NFA_HCI_API_CREATE_PIPE_EVT, /* Create a pipe between two gates */
NFA_HCI_API_OPEN_PIPE_EVT, /* Open a pipe */
NFA_HCI_API_CLOSE_PIPE_EVT, /* Close a pipe */
NFA_HCI_API_DELETE_PIPE_EVT, /* Delete a pipe */
NFA_HCI_API_ADD_STATIC_PIPE_EVT, /* Add a static pipe */
NFA_HCI_API_SEND_CMD_EVT, /* Send command via pipe */
NFA_HCI_API_SEND_RSP_EVT, /* Application Response to a command */
NFA_HCI_API_SEND_EVENT_EVT, /* Send event via pipe */
NFA_HCI_RSP_NV_READ_EVT, /* Non volatile read complete event */
NFA_HCI_RSP_NV_WRITE_EVT, /* Non volatile write complete event */
NFA_HCI_RSP_TIMEOUT_EVT, /* Timeout to response for the HCP Command packet */
/* Internal event structures.
** Note, every internal structure starts with a NFC_HDR and an app handle
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_REGISTER_APP_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
char app_name[NFA_MAX_HCI_APP_NAME_LEN + 1];
tNFA_HCI_CBACK* p_cback;
bool b_send_conn_evts;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_DEREGISTER_APP_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
char app_name[NFA_MAX_HCI_APP_NAME_LEN + 1];
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_GET_APP_GATE_PIPE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_ALLOC_GATE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
uint8_t gate;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_DEALLOC_GATE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
uint8_t gate;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_GET_HOST_LIST_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
tNFA_STATUS status;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_GET_REGISTRY_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
uint8_t pipe;
uint8_t reg_inx;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_SET_REGISTRY_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
uint8_t pipe;
uint8_t reg_inx;
uint8_t size;
uint8_t data[NFA_MAX_HCI_CMD_LEN];
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_CREATE_PIPE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
tNFA_STATUS status;
uint8_t source_gate;
uint8_t dest_host;
uint8_t dest_gate;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_OPEN_PIPE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
tNFA_STATUS status;
uint8_t pipe;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_CLOSE_PIPE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
tNFA_STATUS status;
uint8_t pipe;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_DELETE_PIPE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
tNFA_STATUS status;
uint8_t pipe;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_ADD_STATIC_PIPE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
tNFA_STATUS status;
uint8_t host;
uint8_t gate;
uint8_t pipe;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_SEND_EVENT_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
uint8_t pipe;
uint8_t evt_code;
uint16_t evt_len;
uint8_t* p_evt_buf;
uint16_t rsp_len;
uint8_t* p_rsp_buf;
uint16_t rsp_timeout;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_SEND_CMD_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
uint8_t pipe;
uint8_t cmd_code;
uint16_t cmd_len;
uint8_t data[NFA_MAX_HCI_CMD_LEN];
/* data type for NFA_HCI_RSP_NV_READ_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
uint8_t block;
uint16_t size;
tNFA_STATUS status;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_RSP_NV_WRITE_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_STATUS status;
/* data type for NFA_HCI_API_SEND_RSP_EVT */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
uint8_t pipe;
uint8_t response;
uint8_t size;
uint8_t data[NFA_MAX_HCI_RSP_LEN];
/* common data type for internal events */
typedef struct {
NFC_HDR hdr;
tNFA_HANDLE hci_handle;
/* union of all event data types */
typedef union {
NFC_HDR hdr;
/* API events */
tNFA_HCI_API_REGISTER_APP app_info; /* Register/Deregister an application */
tNFA_HCI_API_GET_APP_GATE_PIPE get_gate_pipe_list; /* Get the list of gates
and pipes created for
the application */
gate_info; /* Allocate a dynamic gate to the application */
gate_dealloc; /* Deallocate the gate allocated to the application */
tNFA_HCI_API_CREATE_PIPE_EVT create_pipe; /* Create a pipe */
tNFA_HCI_API_OPEN_PIPE_EVT open_pipe; /* Open a pipe */
tNFA_HCI_API_CLOSE_PIPE_EVT close_pipe; /* Close a pipe */
tNFA_HCI_API_DELETE_PIPE_EVT delete_pipe; /* Delete a pipe */
tNFA_HCI_API_ADD_STATIC_PIPE_EVT add_static_pipe; /* Add a static pipe */
get_host_list; /* Get the list of Host in the network */
tNFA_HCI_API_GET_REGISTRY get_registry; /* Get a registry entry on a host */
tNFA_HCI_API_SET_REGISTRY set_registry; /* Set a registry entry on a host */
tNFA_HCI_API_SEND_CMD_EVT send_cmd; /* Send a event on a pipe to a host */
send_rsp; /* Response to a command sent on a pipe to a host */
tNFA_HCI_API_SEND_EVENT_EVT send_evt; /* Send a command on a pipe to a host */
/* Internal events */
tNFA_HCI_RSP_NV_READ_EVT nv_read; /* Read Non volatile data */
tNFA_HCI_RSP_NV_WRITE_EVT nv_write; /* Write Non volatile data */
** control block
/* Dynamic pipe control block */
typedef struct {
uint8_t pipe_id; /* Pipe ID */
tNFA_HCI_PIPE_STATE pipe_state; /* State of the Pipe */
uint8_t local_gate; /* local gate id */
uint8_t dest_host; /* Peer host to which this pipe is connected */
uint8_t dest_gate; /* Peer gate to which this pipe is connected */
/* Dynamic gate control block */
typedef struct {
uint8_t gate_id; /* local gate id */
tNFA_HANDLE gate_owner; /* NFA-HCI handle assigned to the application which
owns the gate */
uint32_t pipe_inx_mask; /* Bit 0 == pipe inx 0, etc */
/* Admin gate control block */
typedef struct {
tNFA_HCI_PIPE_STATE pipe01_state; /* State of Pipe '01' */
session_id[NFA_HCI_SESSION_ID_LEN]; /* Session ID of the host network */
/* Link management gate control block */
typedef struct {
tNFA_HCI_PIPE_STATE pipe00_state; /* State of Pipe '00' */
uint16_t rec_errors; /* Receive errors */
/* Identity management gate control block */
typedef struct {
uint32_t pipe_inx_mask; /* Bit 0 == pipe inx 0, etc */
uint16_t version_sw; /* Software version number */
uint16_t version_hw; /* Hardware version number */
uint8_t vendor_name[20]; /* Vendor name */
uint8_t model_id; /* Model ID */
uint8_t hci_version; /* HCI Version */
/* NFA HCI control block */
typedef struct {
tNFA_HCI_STATE hci_state; /* state of the HCI */
uint8_t num_nfcee; /* Number of NFCEE ID Discovered */
uint8_t num_ee_dis_req_ntf; /* Number of ee discovery request ntf received */
uint8_t num_hot_plug_evts; /* Number of Hot plug events received after ee
discovery disable ntf */
uint8_t inactive_host[NFA_HCI_MAX_HOST_IN_NETWORK]; /* Inactive host in the
host network */
uint8_t reset_host[NFA_HCI_MAX_HOST_IN_NETWORK]; /* List of host reseting */
bool b_low_power_mode; /* Host controller in low power mode */
bool b_hci_netwk_reset; /* Command sent to reset HCI Network */
bool w4_hci_netwk_init; /* Wait for other host in network to initialize */
TIMER_LIST_ENT timer; /* Timer to avoid indefinitely waiting for response */
uint8_t conn_id; /* Connection ID */
uint8_t buff_size; /* Connection buffer size */
bool nv_read_cmplt; /* NV Read completed */
bool nv_write_needed; /* Something changed - NV write is needed */
bool assembling; /* Set true if in process of assembling a message */
bool assembly_failed; /* Set true if Insufficient buffer to Reassemble
incoming message */
bool w4_rsp_evt; /* Application command sent on HCP Event */
app_in_use; /* Index of the application that is waiting for response */
uint8_t local_gate_in_use; /* Local gate currently working with */
uint8_t remote_gate_in_use; /* Remote gate currently working with */
uint8_t remote_host_in_use; /* The remote host to which a command is sent */
uint8_t pipe_in_use; /* The pipe currently working with */
uint8_t param_in_use; /* The registry parameter currently working with */
tNFA_HCI_COMMAND cmd_sent; /* The last command sent */
bool ee_disc_cmplt; /* EE Discovery operation completed */
bool ee_disable_disc; /* EE Discovery operation is disabled */
uint16_t msg_len; /* For segmentation - length of the combined message */
uint16_t max_msg_len; /* Maximum reassembled message size */
uint8_t msg_data[NFA_MAX_HCI_EVENT_LEN]; /* For segmentation - the combined
message data */
uint8_t* p_msg_data; /* For segmentation - reassembled message */
uint8_t type; /* Instruction type of incoming message */
uint8_t inst; /* Instruction of incoming message */
BUFFER_Q hci_api_q; /* Buffer Q to hold incoming API commands */
BUFFER_Q hci_host_reset_api_q; /* Buffer Q to hold incoming API commands to a
host that is reactivating */
tNFA_HCI_CBACK* p_app_cback[NFA_HCI_MAX_APP_CB]; /* Callback functions
registered by the
applications */
uint16_t rsp_buf_size; /* Maximum size of APDU buffer */
uint8_t* p_rsp_buf; /* Buffer to hold response to sent event */
struct /* Persistent information for Device Host */
char reg_app_names[NFA_HCI_MAX_APP_CB][NFA_MAX_HCI_APP_NAME_LEN + 1];
bool b_send_conn_evts[NFA_HCI_MAX_APP_CB];
tNFA_ADMIN_GATE_INFO admin_gate;
tNFA_LINK_MGMT_GATE_INFO link_mgmt_gate;
tNFA_ID_MGMT_GATE_INFO id_mgmt_gate;
} cfg;
** External variables
/* NFA HCI control block */
extern tNFA_HCI_CB nfa_hci_cb;
** External functions
/* Functions in nfa_hci_main.c
extern void nfa_hci_init(void);
extern void nfa_hci_proc_nfcc_power_mode(uint8_t nfcc_power_mode);
extern void nfa_hci_dh_startup_complete(void);
extern void nfa_hci_startup_complete(tNFA_STATUS status);
extern void nfa_hci_startup(void);
extern void nfa_hci_restore_default_config(uint8_t* p_session_id);
extern void nfa_hci_enable_one_nfcee(void);
/* Action functions in nfa_hci_act.c
extern void nfa_hci_check_pending_api_requests(void);
extern void nfa_hci_check_api_requests(void);
extern void nfa_hci_handle_admin_gate_cmd(uint8_t* p_data);
extern void nfa_hci_handle_admin_gate_rsp(uint8_t* p_data, uint8_t data_len);
extern void nfa_hci_handle_admin_gate_evt();
extern void nfa_hci_handle_link_mgm_gate_cmd(uint8_t* p_data);
extern void nfa_hci_handle_dyn_pipe_pkt(uint8_t pipe, uint8_t* p_data,
uint16_t data_len);
extern void nfa_hci_handle_pipe_open_close_cmd(tNFA_HCI_DYN_PIPE* p_pipe);
extern void nfa_hci_api_dealloc_gate(tNFA_HCI_EVENT_DATA* p_evt_data);
extern void nfa_hci_api_deregister(tNFA_HCI_EVENT_DATA* p_evt_data);
/* Utility functions in nfa_hci_utils.c
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_GATE* nfa_hciu_alloc_gate(uint8_t gate_id,
tNFA_HANDLE app_handle);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_GATE* nfa_hciu_find_gate_by_gid(uint8_t gate_id);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_GATE* nfa_hciu_find_gate_by_owner(tNFA_HANDLE app_handle);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_GATE* nfa_hciu_find_gate_with_nopipes_by_owner(
tNFA_HANDLE app_handle);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_PIPE* nfa_hciu_find_pipe_by_pid(uint8_t pipe_id);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_PIPE* nfa_hciu_find_pipe_by_owner(tNFA_HANDLE app_handle);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_PIPE* nfa_hciu_find_active_pipe_by_owner(
tNFA_HANDLE app_handle);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_PIPE* nfa_hciu_find_pipe_on_gate(uint8_t gate_id);
extern tNFA_HANDLE nfa_hciu_get_gate_owner(uint8_t gate_id);
extern bool nfa_hciu_check_pipe_between_gates(uint8_t local_gate,
uint8_t dest_host,
uint8_t dest_gate);
extern bool nfa_hciu_is_active_host(uint8_t host_id);
extern bool nfa_hciu_is_host_reseting(uint8_t host_id);
extern bool nfa_hciu_is_no_host_resetting(void);
extern tNFA_HCI_DYN_PIPE* nfa_hciu_find_active_pipe_on_gate(uint8_t gate_id);
extern tNFA_HANDLE nfa_hciu_get_pipe_owner(uint8_t pipe_id);
extern uint8_t nfa_hciu_count_open_pipes_on_gate(tNFA_HCI_DYN_GATE* p_gate);
extern uint8_t nfa_hciu_count_pipes_on_gate(tNFA_HCI_DYN_GATE* p_gate);
extern tNFA_HCI_RESPONSE nfa_hciu_add_pipe_to_gate(uint8_t pipe,
uint8_t local_gate,
uint8_t dest_host,
uint8_t dest_gate);
extern tNFA_HCI_RESPONSE nfa_hciu_add_pipe_to_static_gate(uint8_t local_gate,
uint8_t pipe_id,
uint8_t dest_host,
uint8_t dest_gate);
extern tNFA_HCI_RESPONSE nfa_hciu_release_pipe(uint8_t pipe_id);
extern void nfa_hciu_release_gate(uint8_t gate);
extern void nfa_hciu_remove_all_pipes_from_host(uint8_t host);
extern uint8_t nfa_hciu_get_allocated_gate_list(uint8_t* p_gate_list);
extern void nfa_hciu_send_to_app(tNFA_HCI_EVT event, tNFA_HCI_EVT_DATA* p_evt,
tNFA_HANDLE app_handle);
extern void nfa_hciu_send_to_all_apps(tNFA_HCI_EVT event,
tNFA_HCI_EVT_DATA* p_evt);
extern void nfa_hciu_send_to_apps_handling_connectivity_evts(
tNFA_HCI_EVT event, tNFA_HCI_EVT_DATA* p_evt);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_close_pipe_cmd(uint8_t pipe);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_delete_pipe_cmd(uint8_t pipe);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_clear_all_pipe_cmd(void);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_open_pipe_cmd(uint8_t pipe);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_get_param_cmd(uint8_t pipe, uint8_t index);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_create_pipe_cmd(uint8_t source_gate,
uint8_t dest_host,
uint8_t dest_gate);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_set_param_cmd(uint8_t pipe, uint8_t index,
uint8_t length, uint8_t* p_data);
extern tNFA_STATUS nfa_hciu_send_msg(uint8_t pipe_id, uint8_t type,
uint8_t instruction, uint16_t pkt_len,
uint8_t* p_pkt);
extern std::string nfa_hciu_instr_2_str(uint8_t type);
extern std::string nfa_hciu_get_event_name(uint16_t event);
extern std::string nfa_hciu_get_state_name(uint8_t state);
extern char* nfa_hciu_get_type_inst_names(uint8_t pipe, uint8_t type,
uint8_t inst, char* p_buff);
extern std::string nfa_hciu_evt_2_str(uint8_t pipe_id, uint8_t evt);
#endif /* NFA_HCI_INT_H */