Ensure all namespaces have links to /system/lib(64) for the sanitizer libs.

Every namespace that have links to Bionic should also link to
SANITIZER_RUNTIME_LIBRARIES, without exception. Hence a common function
ctx.AddStandardSystemLinks is added to handle it.

Also remove links to the runtime namespace, since all sanitizer libs,
including the hwasan one, now should be loaded from /system/lib(64).

Test: atest system/linkerconfig/
Test: m linkerconfig && \
  out/host/linux-x86/bin/linkerconfig --root out/target/product/taimen --vndk R
  before and after change, check that the diffs are expected:
Bug: 140790209
Change-Id: Ib5315b59c22703da295a5ef6d556c0a945f872af
23 files changed