Revert "Revert "Revert "Temporary workaround for fwk compat mat vs. Runtime info"""

Enable fwk compat mat check against runtime info. There
were selinux denials because clients of libvintf doesn't
have permission to read /sys/fs/selinux/policyvers, and
the denial is hidden by a workaround (the original CL).
Removing the workaround exposes the selinux denial. An
accompanying CL fixes the denial, hence the check can
be reenabled again.

Test: pass

This reverts commit 6b7ecc03ba2deaee255d2aa93485a6ab26dd9c3b.

Change-Id: I6e0780f3d88ce03bbeb949bb3d11bedaa6132fcb
Fixes: 38325817
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