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* Copyright (C) 2017 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <utils/Errors.h>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "FileSystem.h"
#include "HalGroup.h"
#include "Level.h"
#include "ManifestHal.h"
#include "ManifestInstance.h"
#include "MapValueIterator.h"
#include "SchemaType.h"
#include "SystemSdk.h"
#include "VendorNdk.h"
#include "Version.h"
#include "Vndk.h"
#include "XmlFileGroup.h"
namespace android {
namespace vintf {
struct MatrixHal;
struct CompatibilityMatrix;
namespace details {
using InstancesOfVersion =
std::map<std::string /* interface */, std::set<std::string /* instance */>>;
using Instances = std::map<Version, InstancesOfVersion>;
} // namespace details
// A HalManifest is reported by the hardware and query-able from
// framework code. This is the API for the framework.
struct HalManifest : public HalGroup<ManifestHal>, public XmlFileGroup<ManifestXmlFile> {
// Construct a device HAL manifest.
HalManifest() : mType(SchemaType::DEVICE) {}
bool add(ManifestHal&& hal) override;
// Given a component name (e.g. ""),
// return getHal(name)->transport if the component exist and v exactly matches
// one of the versions in that component, else EMPTY
Transport getTransport(const std::string &name, const Version &v,
const std::string &interfaceName, const std::string &instanceName) const;
// Check compatibility against a compatibility matrix. Considered compatible if
// - framework manifest vs. device compat-mat
// - checkIncompatibility for HALs returns only optional HALs
// - one of manifest.vndk match compat-mat.vndk
// - device manifest vs. framework compat-mat
// - checkIncompatibility for HALs returns only optional HALs
// - manifest.sepolicy.version match one of compat-mat.sepolicy.sepolicy-version
bool checkCompatibility(const CompatibilityMatrix &mat, std::string *error = nullptr) const;
// Generate a compatibility matrix such that checkCompatibility will return true.
CompatibilityMatrix generateCompatibleMatrix() const;
// Returns all component names.
std::set<std::string> getHalNames() const;
// Returns all component names and versions, e.g.
// "", "",
// "android.hardware.nfc@1.0"]
std::set<std::string> getHalNamesAndVersions() const;
// Type of the manifest. FRAMEWORK or DEVICE.
SchemaType type() const;
void setType(SchemaType type);
// FCM version that it implements.
Level level() const;
// device.mSepolicyVersion. Assume type == device.
// Abort if type != device.
const Version &sepolicyVersion() const;
// framework.mVendorNdks. Assume type == framework.
// Abort if type != framework.
const std::vector<VendorNdk>& vendorNdks() const;
// If the corresponding <xmlfile> with the given version exists,
// - Return the overridden <path> if it is present,
// - otherwise the default value: /{system,vendor}/etc/<name>_V<major>_<minor>.xml
// Otherwise if the <xmlfile> entry does not exist, "" is returned.
std::string getXmlFilePath(const std::string& xmlFileName, const Version& version) const;
// Get metaversion of this manifest.
Version getMetaVersion() const;
bool forEachInstanceOfVersion(
const std::string& package, const Version& expectVersion,
const std::function<bool(const ManifestInstance&)>& func) const override;
// Alternative to forEachInstance if you just need a set of instance names instead.
std::set<std::string> getInstances(const std::string& halName, const Version& version,
const std::string& interfaceName) const;
// Return whether instance is in getInstances(...).
bool hasInstance(const std::string& halName, const Version& version,
const std::string& interfaceName, const std::string& instance) const;
// Insert the given instance. After inserting it, the instance will be available via
// forEachInstance* functions. This modifies the manifest.
// Return whether this operation is successful.
bool insertInstance(const FqInstance& fqInstance, Transport transport, Arch arch, HalFormat fmt,
std::string* error = nullptr);
// Check before add()
bool shouldAdd(const ManifestHal& toAdd) const override;
bool shouldAddXmlFile(const ManifestXmlFile& toAdd) const override;
friend struct HalManifestConverter;
friend class VintfObject;
friend class AssembleVintfImpl;
friend struct LibVintfTest;
friend std::string dump(const HalManifest &vm);
friend bool operator==(const HalManifest &lft, const HalManifest &rgt);
status_t fetchAllInformation(const FileSystem* fileSystem, const std::string& path,
std::string* error = nullptr);
details::Instances expandInstances(const std::string& name) const;
// Check if all instances in matrixHal is supported in this manifest.
bool isCompatible(const details::Instances& instances, const MatrixHal& matrixHal) const;
// Return a list of error messages (for each <hal> name) that does NOT conform to
// the given compatibility matrix. It does not contain components that are optional.
// That is, return empty list iff
// (instance in matrix) => (instance in manifest).
std::vector<std::string> checkIncompatibleHals(const CompatibilityMatrix& mat) const;
void removeHals(const std::string& name, size_t majorVer);
// Returns a list of instance names that are in this manifest but
// are not specified in the given matrix, whether the HAL is specified as an optional or
// required HAL.
// That is, return empty list iff
// (instance in manifest) => (instance in matrix).
std::set<std::string> checkUnusedHals(const CompatibilityMatrix& mat) const;
// Check that manifest has no entries.
bool empty() const;
SchemaType mType;
Level mLevel = Level::UNSPECIFIED;
// version attribute. Default is 1.0 for manifests created programatically.
Version mMetaVersion{1, 0};
// entries for device hal manifest only
struct {
Version mSepolicyVersion;
} device;
// entries for framework hal manifest only
struct {
#pragma clang diagnostic push
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wdeprecated-declarations"
std::vector<Vndk> mVndks;
#pragma clang diagnostic pop
std::vector<VendorNdk> mVendorNdks;
SystemSdk mSystemSdk;
} framework;
} // namespace vintf
} // namespace android