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  1. Android.bp
  2. libHidlBase_fuzzer_helper.h
  3. libHidlBase_parcel_fuzzer.cpp

Fuzzer for libhidlbase

Table of contents

Fuzzer for libHidlBaseParcel

libHidlBaseParcel supports the following parameters:

  1. ParentHandle (parameter name: “parentHandle”)
  2. ParentOffset (parameter name: “parentOffset”)
  3. HidlString (parameter name: “hidlString”)
ParameterValid ValuesConfigured Value
parentHandleIntegerValue obtained from FuzzedDataProvider
parentOffsetIntegerValue obtained from FuzzedDataProvider
hidlStringStructureValue obtained from FuzzedDataProvider

Steps to run

  1. Build the fuzzer
  $ make libHidlBase_parcel_fuzzer
  1. To run on device
  $ adb sync data
  $ adb shell /data/fuzz/arm64/libHidlBase_parcel_fuzzer/libHidlBase_parcel_fuzzer