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Key Provisioning Test Suite

This directory contains a test script to verify that a device works with the Android Things key provisioning protocol. Usage:

./ -a [p256|x25519] -s FASTBOOT_SERIAL_NUMBER -o [ISSUE|ISSUE_ENC|ISSUE_SOM|ISSUE_ENC_SOM] (--atapversion [1|2])

If atapversion is not specified, when the commmand is ISSUE | ISSUE_ENC, the version is 1, when ISSUE_SOM | ISSUE_ENC_SOM, the version is 2. This would be the lowest compatible version for the command. ISSUE | ISSUE_ENC should support both version 1 and version 2, the corresponding keyset would be used to match the protocol version.


Install openssl, python cryptography, pycurve25519. Build in this directory ($ make ec_helper_native). Build and install fastboot from AOSP master.

How to get key sets looks for key set payloads unencryped_.keyset and encrypted_.keyset and under the keysets/ directory. Provided here are files that contain test keys that do not verify to the real Android Things Root CA. unencrypted_.keyset is simply a raw CA Response Message. encrypted_.keyset encrypts unencrypted.keyset with a global key of 16 zero bytes (AES128 gcm no padding). Unencrypted_product_version_1.keyset is identical to unencrypted_product.keyset except that it has atap version 1.