Mark some aidl_interface modules as unstable

With b/152655547, all aidl_interface modules are considered as stable
unless it is explicitly with "unstable: true". This change marks the
aidl_interface that are not used across updatable module bounraries
as unstable, so that the build system does not run the API
dumping/checking on them.

Exempt-From-Owner-Approval: cherry-pick from internal

Bug: 152655547
Test: m
Merged-In: Ic16f45803a4532ffd818e74e3ca4b90f788113cc
(cherry picked from commit 5e06a0a2fb83f921ad8c9a25c7b70c241dc675e8)
Change-Id: Ic16f45803a4532ffd818e74e3ca4b90f788113cc
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