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The files in this directory are a collection of recordings of
the memory allocations of a set of apps.
In order to run these files through the tool, they will need to be placed
unzipped on the device.
Format of dumps:
<tid>: <action_name> <ptr> [<optional_arguments>]
The pid_t value that is the gettid() value recorded during the run.
One of:
malloc - Allocate memory using the malloc function.
calloc - Allocate memory using the calloc function.
memalign - Allocate memory using the memalign function. This is used
during recording for either memalign or posix_memalign.
realloc - Allocate memory using the realloc function.
free - Free memory allocated using one of the above actions.
thread_done - Terminate the thread with the given tid.
Format of each action:
<tid>: malloc <ptr> <size>
Allocation made by malloc(<size>). <ptr> is the value returned by malloc.
100: malloc 0xb48390a0 48
<tid>: calloc <ptr> <nmemb> <size>
Allocation made by calloc(<nmemb>, <size>. <ptr> is the value returned
by calloc.
200: calloc 0xb48c1100 32 8
<tid>:realloc <new_ptr> <old_ptr> <size>
Allocation made by realloc(<old_ptr>, <size>). <old_ptr> can be 0x0
to indicate a realloc with a nullptr. <new_ptr> is the value returned
by realloc.
300: realloc 0x96b90920 0x93605280 150
<tid>:memalign <ptr> <alignment> <size>
Allocation made by memalign(<alignment>, <size>). <ptr> is the value
returned by memalign.
400: memalign 0xae42d080 16 104
<tid>: free <ptr>
Find a previously allocated pointer <ptr> and call free(<ptr>).
<ptr> can be 0x0 to indicate the freeing of a nullptr.
500: free 0xb4827400
<tid>: thread_done 0x0
Indicates that the thread <tid> has completed.
600: thread_done 0x0