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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
const char *IO_op[] = {
#define MAX(A, B) ((A) > (B) ? (A) : (B))
#define MIN(A, B) ((A) < (B) ? (A) : (B))
#define MINBUFLEN (16*1024)
#define FILE_DB_HASHSIZE 8192
struct files_db_s {
char *filename;
int fileno;
size_t size;
int fd;
int readonly;
int debug_open_flags;
struct files_db_s *next;
struct files_db_handle {
struct files_db_s *files_db_buckets[FILE_DB_HASHSIZE];
struct IO_operation_s {
char *IO_op;
struct rw_bytes_s {
u_int64_t bytes_read;
u_int64_t bytes_written;
static inline void
files_db_update_size(void *node, u_int64_t new_size)
struct files_db_s *db_node = (struct files_db_s *)node;
if (db_node->size < new_size)
db_node->size = new_size;
static inline void
files_db_update_filename(void *node, char *filename)
((struct files_db_s *)node)->filename = strdup(filename);
static inline int
files_db_get_fileno(void *node)
return (((struct files_db_s *)node)->fileno);
static inline int
files_db_get_fd(void *node)
return (((struct files_db_s *)node)->fd);
static inline char *
files_db_get_filename(void *node)
return (((struct files_db_s *)node)->filename);
static inline int
files_db_readonly(void *node)
return (((struct files_db_s *)node)->readonly);
static inline u_int64_t
get_msecs(struct timeval *tv)
return ((tv->tv_sec * 1000) + (tv->tv_usec / 1000));
static inline u_int64_t
get_usecs(struct timeval *tv)
return (tv->tv_usec % 1000);
static inline void
update_delta_time(struct timeval *start,
struct timeval *destination)
struct timeval res, finish;
(void)gettimeofday(&finish, (struct timezone *)NULL);
timersub(&finish, start, &res);
timeradd(destination, &res, &finish);
*destination = finish;
void *files_db_create_handle(void);
void *files_db_lookup_byfileno(void *handle, int fileno);
void *files_db_add_byfileno(void *handle, int fileno, int readonly);
void files_db_update_fd(void *node, int fd);
void files_db_unlink_files(void *db_handle);
void files_db_close_files(void *handle);
void files_db_close_fd(void *node);
void files_db_free_memory(void *handle);
void create_file(char *path, size_t size,
struct rw_bytes_s *rw_bytes);
char *get_buf(char **buf, int *buflen, int len, int do_fill);
void files_db_fsync_discard_files(void *handle);
void print_op_stats(u_int64_t *op_counts);
void print_bytes(char *desc, struct rw_bytes_s *rw_bytes);
void ioshark_handle_mmap(void *db_node,
struct ioshark_file_operation *file_op,
char **bufp, int *buflen, u_int64_t *op_counts,
struct rw_bytes_s *rw_bytes);
void capture_util_state_before(void);
void report_cpu_disk_util(void);
char *get_ro_filename(int ix);
void init_filename_cache(void);
void free_filename_cache(void);
int is_readonly_mount(char *filename, size_t size);
int ioshark_read_header(FILE *fp, struct ioshark_header *header);
int ioshark_read_file_state(FILE *fp, struct ioshark_file_state *state);
int ioshark_read_file_op(FILE *fp, struct ioshark_file_operation *file_op);