Migrate aslr test to gtest.

Create tests which test the values of mmap_rnd_bits, and
mmap_rnd_compat_bits, if applicable, and verify that the address space
is randomized as expected given the provided values.

Also add a pair of tests to CTS that enforce that the observed entropy
is at least as high as a designated value.  That value will start as our
default value, which also corresponds to the maximum value of some

Packaging of executables along with a nativetest suite is not supported,
so add a dummy nativetest suite, scrape_mmap_addr, which ensure that the
executables are present along with the given tests at predictable

(cherry-pick of internal commit: d661642651a6689c76d3f575b4b5dbf04e6b75bd)

Bug: 26512380
Change-Id: I8c4a68f3d10a57f9a51bdc6084df622cf8517b51
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