Introduce a mechanism to trace boot sequence.

This CL adds a trigger and a service so that Systrace can be used
for tracing events during boot.
persist.debug.atrace.boottrace property is used for switching on
and off tracing during boot. /data/misc/boottrace/categories
file is used for specifying the categories to be traced.
These property and file are rewritten by Systrace when the newly
added option --boot is specified.

Here is an example of tracing events of am and wm catetories
during boot.

$ external/chromium-trace/systrace am wm --boot

This command will cause the device to reboot. Once the device has
booted up, the trace report is created by hitting Ctrl+C.

As written in readme.txt, this mechanism relies on persistent
property, so tracing events that are emitted before that are not
recorded. This is enough for tracing events after zygote is
launched though.
This only works on userdebug or eng build for security reason.

BUG: 21739901
Change-Id: I03f2963d77a678f47eab5e3e29fc7e91bc9ca3a4
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