Use GOOGLE_CRASH_ID as the default crash report id

crash_sender will use crash id and crash version id, in order:
* the product name and product version in the meta file if present or
* GOOGLE_CRASH_ID and GOOGLE_CRASH_VERSION_ID from /etc/os-release or
* ID and VERSION_ID from /etc/os-release
* ChromeOS and chrome os version otherwise

TEST=Built chromeos-base/platform2 and deployed it to a Chromebook.
Added a test report in /var/spool/crash.
Ran crash_sender in MOCK_CRASH_SENDING mode
Changed the values of variable in /etc/os-release and observed that the
sent values were correct
TEST=Set GOOGLE_CRASH_ID to Brillo, remove protection for test images,
observe that the crashes got logged in the Brillo bucket.
TEST=trybot on x86, amd64, daisy and duck

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