adb: improve network error info

- handle_forward_request
  - Because we have detailed info about which syscall failed (at least
    on Win32), use a more generic prefix of "cannot bind listener" followed
    by the detailed info.

- install_listener
  - Return string errors for a few errors even though I don't think any
    callers actually output the string for those errors.

  - Remove the printf since the callers print the message themselves.

- adb_main
  - LOG(FATAL) calls abort() which on Windows calls the Windows Error
    Reporting service which pops up a dialog asking if you want a
    crashdump to be uploaded to Microsoft. So really, abort() is
    designed for app bugs. Windows isn't the only one doing this, Chromium
    also makes LOG(FATAL) crashdump-ready. Since an error here is not
    necessarily an app-bug, use a 'normal' error output API like fatal()
    which prints an error and just uses exit().

- sysdeps_win32.cpp
  - When Winsock APIs fail, make the string clarify which API failed.
    Use terse unix-style descriptions (like what you'd get from

  - Don't trace WSAEWOULDBLOCK from recv() which is a normal occurrence.

  - Add a comment about WSAEWOULDBLOCK => EAGAIN.

Change-Id: I58e47f49fa2f6c1b4b92a36d0c4bfe369b456f2a
Signed-off-by: Spencer Low <>
4 files changed