adb: win32: fix USB device hang when resuming from sleep/hibernation

After resuming Windows from sleep or hibernation, USB connections are not
automatically disconnected. Writing to the USB connections does not return any
errors, but read never returns. My theory is that the device saw the host
sleep/hibernation as a disconnect, so the device is waiting for re-auth from the
host as if the host was just connected.

To solve this, detect resume from sleep/hibernation, disconnect all USB
connections and let the device poll thread re-detect the USB devices in 1 sec.

This is done by using a hidden window that receives power notifications. The
hidden window code is based on Chromium's similar code (platform-tools already
includes the Chromium Authors license).

This depends on a change to AdbWinUsbApi.dll that makes AdbCloseHandle(endpoint)
abort any pending IOs and wait for those IOs to be aborted.

I expect that this should solve many adb and Android Studio related bugs
regarding hangs or errors.

Also in this change:

 - Add D() logging for any errors from AdbWinApi.dll API calls.

 - Stop setting errno to Win32 error values which the caller can't really do
   anything with. Stop calling SetLastError() because the callers don't check
   GetLastError() anyway.

 - Check the return value from writing zero length packets.

 - If the full amount of data isn't written, return an error.

 - Upon any usb_read/usb_write error, kick the connection instead of only
   kicking when ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE is encountered.

 - Restructure some code from nested-if-trees to goto-fail to make it easier
   to follow.

 - Delete usb_name() since it isn't thread-safe and it isn't used.

Change-Id: Iffcf5315ad8593d0c7e93012afaabe6fae354ac1
Signed-off-by: Spencer Low <>
1 file changed