Update libchrome to r307740 and fix build errors

Updated libchrome, libchrome_crypto, metrics, feedback to the
latest revisions from Chrome (r307740).

Fixed build breaks due to the changes in upstream code:

- scope_ptr no longer needs explicit PassAs<T>() calls.
- scope_ptr<T> no longer has implicit conversion to T*.
  Must use scope_ptr<T>::get() instead.
- base/file_util.h moved to base/files/file_util.h
- ARRAYSIZE_UNSAFE() removed in favor of arraysize()
- base::AppendToFile() and base::WriteFileDescriptor() now
  return bool instead of the number of bytes written.
- dbus::Bus::AddFilterFunction() now returns void.
- C++11 features are enabled in libchromeos, so all targets
  linking with it now have to support C++11
- OVERRIDE macro is removed in favor of native C++11
  'override' keyword.

BUG=chromium:416628, chromium:411508
TEST=Build the world on x86, x64, ARM. The following builders
     were tried:
       x86-generic-full amd64-generic-full arm-generic-full
       amd64-generic-asan daisy-full nyan-full pre-cq-group
       daisy-release-group sandybridge-release-group

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