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# Adjustments to the out-of-memory killer, for devices that are
# tight on memory. These should not be used if not needed, as they
# can result in more paging.
on early-boot
setprop ro.FOREGROUND_APP_MEM 1536
setprop ro.VISIBLE_APP_MEM 2048
setprop ro.PERCEPTIBLE_APP_MEM 2048
setprop ro.HEAVY_WEIGHT_APP_MEM 2048
setprop ro.SECONDARY_SERVER_MEM 4096
setprop ro.BACKUP_APP_MEM 4096
setprop ro.HOME_APP_MEM 4096
setprop ro.HIDDEN_APP_MEM 5120
setprop ro.EMPTY_APP_MEM 6144
on boot
write /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree 1536,2048,3072,4096,5120,6144