crash-reporter: Update crash-reporter to work with ramoops

The old crash reporter used preserved to get the memory dump. Updated it
to use the upstream ramoops module. Also updated the unit tests.

Depends on other patches related to this bug report:
The backport series starting with:,5342 until 5347 (included)
The series starting with:,5426
until 5429 (included),5159

TEST=Ran module unit tests, ran logging_KernelCrashServer and
platform_KernelErrorPaths, checked manually that the
crash file existed.

Change-Id: I37bdb30513acfab79997e478af5de35ca33557fd
Signed-off-by: Sergiu Iordache <>
Reviewed-by: Ken Mixter <>
Reviewed-by: Mandeep Singh Baines <>
Reviewed-by: Michael Krebs <>
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