minimal bootable environment

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  1. 890c538 Merge "llkd: llkSplit should prevent empty entries" by Treehugger Robot · 4 hours ago master
  2. 75cff06 Merge changes from topic "linker-config" by Jae Shin · 17 hours ago
  3. ba02863 Merge "Replace (unsigned) short with (u)int16_t." by Treehugger Robot · 20 hours ago
  4. 088d18e Merge "Allow C++17 in fastboot." by Treehugger Robot · 21 hours ago
  5. 08d470b Replace (unsigned) short with (u)int16_t. by Chih-Hung Hsieh · 22 hours ago
  6. 3195e6e Allow C++17 in fastboot. by David Anderson · 23 hours ago
  7. 3b984c7 Merge "Increase fastboot timeout to 30 seconds" by Chris Fries · 28 hours ago
  8. acecaf7 llkd: llkSplit should prevent empty entries by Mark Salyzyn · 4 days ago
  9. f6c6aaa Parse the list of supported vndk snapshot versions by Jae Shin · 5 days ago
  10. 61f474f Add '.bak' for sed -i that is required by BSD sed by Justin Yun · 4 days ago
  11. f6dff6d Build ld.config.txt for older VNDK versions by Jae Shin · 3 weeks ago
  12. 2a58811 Merge "base: remove execute bit from utf8.h" by Treehugger Robot · 3 days ago
  13. 991eedd base: remove execute bit from utf8.h by Spencer Low · 3 days ago
  14. 389e950 Merge changes I784c1dcc,Ic6a06cdc,I874b10c2 by Treehugger Robot · 4 days ago
  15. 7bb1ae2 Merge "lmkd: Add meminfo logging after each kill for easy troubleshooting" by Suren Baghdasaryan · 4 days ago
  16. 8a40c8a adb: switch reconnect_queue to std::set. by Josh Gao · 4 days ago
  17. 50acca7 Increase fastboot timeout to 30 seconds by Aaron Wisner · 4 days ago
  18. 043fbec adb: add environment variables to disable usb, emulators, mdns. by Josh Gao · 4 days ago
  19. e032387 adb: minor cleanup. by Josh Gao · 4 days ago
  20. 282ad1a lmkd: Add meminfo logging after each kill for easy troubleshooting by Suren Baghdasaryan · 3 weeks ago