wificond: Don't reset system state on bootup

wificond no longer (was planned) manages the entire system state. The
framework is responsible for managing all the native daemons and the
interface state. So, don't reset system state (i.e kill supplicant,
hostapd and mark interfaces down) when wificond boots up.

Note: This change eliminates the second death notification that framework
has been receiving on killing wificond (previously: one for wificond, one
for supplicant; now: just one for wificond).

Bug: 75993335
Test: ./system/connectivity/wificond/runtests.sh
Test: Ran WifiManager & WifiSoftAp ACTS tests locally
Test: 'killall wificond' only produces 1 death notification.
Change-Id: I5effcbb6898f6744632cc7de65fccb4721b9add6
3 files changed