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* Copyright (C) 2019 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "chre/platform/shared/memory.h"
#include "chre/platform/shared/nanoapp_support_lib_dso.h"
namespace chre {
* FREERTOS-specific nanoapp functionality.
class PlatformNanoappBase {
* Associate this Nanoapp instance with a nanoapp that is statically built
* into the CHRE binary with the given app info structure.
void loadStatic(const struct chreNslNanoappInfo *appInfo);
* @return true if the app's binary data is resident in memory or if the app's
* filename is saved, i.e. all binary fragments are loaded through
* copyNanoappFragment, loadFromFile/loadStatic() was successful
bool isLoaded() const;
* @return true if this app is loaded into TCM.
bool isTcmApp() const;
* Sets app info that will be used later when the app is loaded into the
* system.
* @param appId The unique app identifier associated with this binary
* @param appVersion An application-defined version number
* @param appFilename The filename of the app that should be loaded from disk
* @param targetApiVersion The target API version the nanoapp was compiled for
* @return true if the info was successfully stored
bool setAppInfo(uint64_t appId, uint32_t appVersion, const char *appFilename,
uint32_t targetApiVersion);
* Reserves buffer space for a nanoapp's binary. This method should be called
* before copyNanoappFragment is called.
* @param appId The unique app identifier associated with this binary
* @param appVersion An application-defined version number
* @param appFlags The flags provided by the app being loaded
* @param appBinaryLen Size of appBinary, in bytes
* @param targetApiVersion The target API version of the nanoapp
* @return true if the allocation was successful, false otherwise
bool reserveBuffer(uint64_t appId, uint32_t appVersion, uint32_t appFlags,
size_t appBinaryLen, uint32_t targetApiVersion);
* Copies the (possibly fragmented) application binary data into the allocated
* buffer, and updates the pointer to the next address to write into. The
* application may be invalid - full checking and initialization happens just
* before invoking start() nanoapp entry point.
* @param buffer The pointer to the buffer
* @param bufferSize The size of the buffer in bytes
* @return true if the reserved buffer did not overflow, false otherwise
bool copyNanoappFragment(const void *buffer, size_t bufferSize);
//! The app ID we received in the metadata alongside the nanoapp binary. This
//! is also included in (and checked against) mAppInfo.
uint64_t mExpectedAppId;
//! The application-defined version number we received in the metadata
//! alongside the nanoapp binary. This is also included in (and checked
//! against) mAppInfo.
uint32_t mExpectedAppVersion = 0;
//! Whether the nanoapp is expected to be loaded into TCM.
bool mExpectedTcmCapable = false;
//! The app target API version in the metadata alongside the nanoapp binary.
uint32_t mExpectedTargetApiVersion = 0;
//! Whether this nanoapp is loaded into TCM.
bool mIsTcmNanoapp = false;
//! Buffer containing the complete DSO binary - only populated if
//! copyNanoappFragment() was used to load this nanoapp
void *mAppBinary = nullptr;
size_t mAppBinaryLen = 0;
//! Null-terminated ASCII string containing the file name that contains the
//! app binary to be loaded. This is used over mAppBinary to load the nanoapp
//! if set.
char *mAppFilename = nullptr;
//! The dynamic shared object (DSO) handle returned by dlopenbuf()
void *mDsoHandle = nullptr;
//! Pointer to the app info structure within this nanoapp
const struct chreNslNanoappInfo *mAppInfo = nullptr;
//! Pointer containing the unstable ID section for this nanoapp
const char *mAppUnstableId = nullptr;
//! Set to true if this app is built into the CHRE binary, and was loaded via
//! loadStatic(). In this case, the member variables above are not valid or
//! applicable.
bool mIsStatic = false;
//! The number of bytes of the binary that has been loaded so far.
size_t mBytesLoaded = 0;
* Loads the nanoapp symbols from the currently loaded binary and verifies
* they match the expected information the nanoapp should have.
* @return true if the app info structure passed validation.
bool verifyNanoappInfo();
* Calls through to openNanoappFromBuffer or openNanoappFromFile, depending on
* how this nanoapp was loaded.
bool openNanoapp();
* Releases the DSO handle if it was active, by calling dlclose(). This will
* result in execution of any unload handlers in the nanoapp.
void closeNanoapp();
* Retrieves the nanoapp's version string. This is intended to be a human
* readable version string to aid in debugging. This must always return a
* valid string so if none is available it is recommended to return
* "<undefined>" or similar.
* @param length The length of the returned version string
* @return A char array containing the version string for this nanoapp.
const char *getAppVersionString(size_t *length) const;
/** If this app needs to access DRAM to function, enables DRAM access. */
inline void enableDramAccessIfRequired() const {
if (!isTcmApp()) {
} // namespace chre