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* Copyright 2019 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include <android/hardware/bluetooth/audio/2.1/types.h>
#include <hardware/audio.h>
#include <condition_variable>
#include <mutex>
#include <unordered_map>
enum class BluetoothStreamState : uint8_t;
namespace android {
namespace bluetooth {
namespace audio {
using SessionType_2_1 =
// Proxy for Bluetooth Audio HW Module to communicate with Bluetooth Audio
// Session Control. All methods are not thread safe, so users must acquire a
// lock. Note: currently, in, if GetState() is only used for
// verbose logging, it is not locked, so the state may not be synchronized.
class BluetoothAudioPort {
virtual ~BluetoothAudioPort() = default;
// Fetch output control / data path of BluetoothAudioPort and setup
// callbacks into BluetoothAudioProvider. If SetUp() returns false, the audio
// HAL must delete this BluetoothAudioPort and return EINVAL to caller
bool SetUp(audio_devices_t devices);
// Unregister this BluetoothAudioPort from BluetoothAudioSessionControl.
// Audio HAL must delete this BluetoothAudioPort after calling this.
void TearDown();
// When the Audio framework / HAL tries to query audio config about format,
// channel mask and sample rate, it uses this function to fetch from the
// Bluetooth stack
virtual bool LoadAudioConfig(audio_config_t* audio_cfg) const = 0;
// WAR to support Mono mode / 16 bits per sample
void ForcePcmStereoToMono(bool force) {
is_stereo_to_mono_ = force;
// When the Audio framework / HAL wants to change the stream state, it invokes
// these 3 functions to control the Bluetooth stack (Audio Control Path).
// Note: Both Start() and Suspend() will return ture when there are no errors.
// Called by Audio framework / HAL to start the stream
bool Start();
// Called by Audio framework / HAL to suspend the stream
bool Suspend();
// Called by Audio framework / HAL to stop the stream
void Stop();
// Called by the Audio framework / HAL to fetch informaiton about audio frames
// presented to an external sink, or frames presented fror an internal sink
bool GetPresentationPosition(uint64_t* delay_ns, uint64_t* bytes,
timespec* timestamp) const;
// Called by the Audio framework / HAL when the metadata of the stream's
// source has been changed.
void UpdateMetadata(const source_metadata* source_metadata) const;
// Return the current BluetoothStreamState
BluetoothStreamState GetState() const;
// Set the current BluetoothStreamState
void SetState(BluetoothStreamState state);
bool IsA2dp() const {
return session_type_ == SessionType_2_1::A2DP_SOFTWARE_ENCODING_DATAPATH ||
session_type_ == SessionType_2_1::A2DP_HARDWARE_OFFLOAD_DATAPATH;
uint16_t cookie_;
BluetoothStreamState state_;
SessionType_2_1 session_type_;
// WR to support Mono: True if fetching Stereo and mixing into Mono
bool is_stereo_to_mono_ = false;
bool in_use() const;
mutable std::mutex cv_mutex_;
std::condition_variable internal_cv_;
// Check and initialize session type for |devices| If failed, this
// BluetoothAudioPort is not initialized and must be deleted.
bool init_session_type(audio_devices_t device);
bool CondwaitState(BluetoothStreamState state);
void ControlResultHandler(
const ::android::hardware::bluetooth::audio::V2_0::Status& status);
void SessionChangedHandler();
class BluetoothAudioPortOut : public BluetoothAudioPort {
~BluetoothAudioPortOut() = default;
// The audio data path to the Bluetooth stack (Software encoding)
size_t WriteData(const void* buffer, size_t bytes) const;
bool LoadAudioConfig(audio_config_t* audio_cfg) const;
class BluetoothAudioPortIn : public BluetoothAudioPort {
~BluetoothAudioPortIn() = default;
// The audio data path from the Bluetooth stack (Software decoded)
size_t ReadData(void* buffer, size_t bytes) const;
bool LoadAudioConfig(audio_config_t* audio_cfg) const;
} // namespace audio
} // namespace bluetooth
} // namespace android