Return after removing sample LTK device

Return directly after calling bta_dm_remove_device to
prevent from accessing the invalid security record (p_dev_rec).

Test: Hardcode to test bond with sample key
Tag: #security
Bug: 162497143
Change-Id: Iaa59f3c415dd8066849fd70912fdb83f890229d7
(cherry picked from commit 7c86810c44ef2efd97c3e78bd77e36257a05f75b)
diff --git a/stack/btm/ b/stack/btm/
index 63e4f6c..5d7d0f9 100644
--- a/stack/btm/
+++ b/stack/btm/
@@ -4358,6 +4358,7 @@
               << p_dev_rec->bd_addr;
+    return;
   BTM_TRACE_EVENT("%s after update sec_flags=0x%x", __func__,