Remove position dependent lookup tables in AT command parser

The various position dependent lookup tables in the AT command parser
were out of sync, causing invalid responses to the AT+CBPS command for

This patch gets rid of positionally dependent enums for simple lookup
tables that correlate all the values for easier, less error prone
maintenance of the related tables.

This re-instates a previously reverted patch after fixing incorrect
field order in tBTA_AG_INDICATOR_MAP.

Change-Id: I7f8a052e78706c8c72c5102b38cfe9ce200ae0d9
Fixes: 29978908
(cherry picked from commit 8d3cf5988a28f0691062183b18280fc329845575)
4 files changed
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Fluoride Bluetooth stack

Building and running on AOSP

Just build AOSP - Fluoride is there by default.

Building and running on Linux

Instructions for Ubuntu, tested on 15.10 with GCC 5.2.1.

Install required libraries

sudo apt-get install libevent-dev

Install build tools

  • Install ninja build system
sudo apt-get install ninja-build

or download binary from

  • Install gn - meta-build system that generates NinjaBuild files.

Get sha1 of current version from here and then download corresponding executable:

wget -O gn<gn.sha1>

i.e. if sha1 is “3491f6687bd9f19946035700eb84ce3eed18c5fa” (value from 24 Feb 2016) do

wget -O gn

Then make binary executable and put it on your PATH, i.e.:

chmod a+x ./gn
sudo mv ./gn /usr/bin

Download source

mkdir ~/fluoride
cd ~/fluoride
git clone

Then fetch third party dependencies:

cd ~/fluoride/bt
mkdir third_party
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

And third party dependencies of third party dependencies:

cd fluoride/bt/third_party/libchrome/base/third_party
mkdir valgrind
cd valgrind
curl | base64 -d > valgrind.h
curl | base64 -d > memcheck.h

Fluoride currently has dependency on some internal Android projects, which also need to be downloaded. This will be removed in future:

cd ~/fluoride
git clone
git clone
git clone

Configure your build

We need to configure some paths to make the build successful. Run:

cd ~/fluoride/bt
gn args out/Default

This will prompt you to fill the contents of your “out/Default/” file. Make it look like below. Replace “/home/job” with path to your home directory, and don't use “~” in build arguments:

# Build arguments go here. Examples:
#   is_component_build = true
#   is_debug = false
# See "gn args <out_dir> --list" for available build arguments.

libhw_include_path = "/home/job/fluoride/libhardware/include"
core_include_path = "/home/job/fluoride/core/include"
audio_include_path = "/home/job/fluoride/media/audio/include"

Then generate your build files by calling

cd ~/fluoride/bt
gn gen out/Default


cd ~/fluoride/bt
ninja -C out/Default all

This will build all targets (the shared library, executables, tests, etc) and put them in out/Default. To build an individual target, replace “all” with the target of your choice, e.g. ninja -C out/Default net_test_osi.


cd ~/fluoride/bt/out/Default
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./ ./bluetoothtbd -create-ipc-socket=fluoride