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Code completion in anim1.xml for android:^fromAlpha=:
android:fromAlpha : [float]
android:toAlpha : [float]
android:interpolator : Defines the interpolator used to smooth the animation movement in time. [reference]
android:fillEnabled : When set to true, the value of fillBefore is taken into account. [boolean]
android:fillBefore : When set to true or when fillEnabled is not set to true, the animation transformation is applied before the animation has started. [boolean]
android:fillAfter : When set to true, the animation transformation is applied after the animation is over. [boolean]
android:duration : Amount of time (in milliseconds) for the animation to run. [integer]
android:startOffset : Delay in milliseconds before the animation runs, once start time is reached. [integer]
android:repeatCount : Defines how many times the animation should repeat. [integer, enum]
android:repeatMode : Defines the animation behavior when it reaches the end and the repeat count is greater than 0 or infinite. [enum]
android:zAdjustment : Allows for an adjustment of the Z ordering of the content being animated for the duration of the animation. [enum]
android:background : Special background behind animation. [color, reference]
android:detachWallpaper : Special option for window animations: if this window is on top of a wallpaper, don't animate the wallpaper with it. [boolean]