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Start_Full_Apk_Build=Starting full Package build.
Start_Full_Pre_Compiler=Starting full Pre Compiler.
Skip_Post_Compiler=Skipping over Post Compiler.
Start_Full_Post_Compiler=Starting full Post Compiler.
Start_Inc_Apk_Build=Starting incremental Package build: Checking resource changes.
Start_Inc_Pre_Compiler=Starting incremental Pre Compiler: Checking resource changes.
Xml_Error=Error in an XML file: aborting build.
s_Missing_Repackaging=%1$s missing. Repackaging.
Project_Has_Errors=Project contains error(s). Package Builder aborted.
Failed_To_Get_Output=Failed to get project output folder\!
Output_Missing=Output folder missing\! Make sure your project is configured properly.
s_File_Missing=%1$s file missing\!
Unparsed_AAPT_Errors=Unparsed aapt error(s)\! Check the console for output.
Unparsed_AIDL_Errors=Unparsed aidl error\! Check the console for output.
AAPT_Exec_Error_s=Error executing aapt. Please check aapt is present at %1$s
AAPT_Exec_Error_d=Error executing aapt: Return code %1$d
AAPT_Exec_Error_Other_s=Error executing aapt: %1$s
Dalvik_Error_d=Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error %1$d
DX_Jar_Error=Dx.jar is not found inside the plugin. Reinstall ADT\!
Dalvik_Error_s=Conversion to Dalvik format failed: %1$s
Incompatible_VM_Warning=Note: You may be using an incompatible virtual machine or class library.
Requires_1_5_Error=This program requires JDK 1.5 compatibility.
Final_Archive_Error_s=Error generating final archive: %1$s
Marker_Delete_Error=Failed to delete marker '%1$s' for %2$s
Couldnt_Locate_s_Error=Could not locate '%1$s'. This will not be added to the package.
Compiler_Compliance_Error=Compiler compliance level not compatible: Build aborted.
No_SDK_Setup_Error=SDK directory has not been setup. Please go to the Android preferences and enter the location of the SDK.
s_Contains_Xml_Error=%1$s contains XML error: Build aborted.
s_Doesnt_Declare_Package_Error=%1$s does not declare a Java package: Build aborted.
Checking_Package_Change=Checking Java package value did not change...
Package_s_Doesnt_Exist_Error=Package '%1$s' does not exist\!
Preparing_Generated_Files=Preparing generated java files for update/creation.
AAPT_Error='aapt' error. Pre Compiler Build aborted.
Nothing_To_Compile=Nothing to pre compile\!
Removing_Generated_Classes=Removing generated java classes.
Delete_Obsolete_Error=Failed to delete obsolete %1$s, please delete it manually
DexWrapper_Dex_Loader=Dex Loader
AIDL_Java_Conflict=%1$s is in the way of %2$s, remove it or rename of one the files.
AIDL_Exec_Error_d=Error executing aidl: Return code %1$d
AIDL_Exec_Error_s=Error executing aidl. Please check aidl is present at %1$s
s_Removed_Recreating_s=%1$s was removed\! Recreating %1$s\!
s_Modified_Manually_Recreating_s=%1$s was modified manually\! Reverting to generated version\!
s_Modified_Recreating_s='%1$s' was modified.
Added_s_s_Needs_Updating=New resource file: '%1$s', %2$s needs to be updated.
s_Removed_s_Needs_Updating='%1$s' was removed, %2$s needs to be updated.
Requires_Compiler_Compliance_s=Android requires compiler compliance level 5.0 or 6.0. Found '%1$s' instead. Please use Android Tools > Fix Project Properties.
Requires_Source_Compatibility_s=Android requires source compatibility set to 5.0 or 6.0. Found '%1$s' instead. Please use Android Tools > Fix Project Properties.
Requires_Class_Compatibility_s=Android requires .class compatibility set to 5.0 or 6.0. Found '%1$s' instead. Please use Android Tools > Fix Project Properties.
Refreshing_Res=Refreshing resource folders.
DexWrapper_s_does_not_exists=%1$s does not exist or is not a file
DexWrapper_Failed_to_load_s=Failed to load %1$s
DexWrapper_Unable_To_Execute_Dex_s=Unable to execute dex: %1$s
DexWrapper_SecuryEx_Unable_To_Find_API=SecurityException: Unable to find API for dex.jar
DexWrapper_SecuryEx_Unable_To_Find_Method=SecurityException: Unable to find method for dex.jar
DexWrapper_SecuryEx_Unable_To_Find_Field=SecurityException: Unable to find field for dex.jar
ApkBuilder_UnableBuild_Dex_Not_loaded=Unable to build: the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder\!
ApkBuilder_Using_Default_Key=Using default debug key to sign package
ApkBuilder_Using_s_To_Sign=Using '%1$s' to sign package
ApkBuilder_Signing_Key_Creation_s=Signing Key Creation:
ApkBuilder_Unable_To_Gey_Key=Unable to get debug signature key
ApkBuilder_Certificate_Expired_on_s=Debug certificate expired on %1$s\!
ApkBuilder_Packaging_s=Packaging %1$s
ApkBuilder_JAVA_HOME_is_s=The Java VM Home used is: %1$s
ApkBuilder_Update_or_Execute_manually_s=Update it if necessary, or manually execute the following command:
ApkBuilder_s_Conflict_with_file_s=%1$s conflicts with another file already put at %2$s
ApkBuilder_Packaging_s_into_s=Packaging %1$s into %2$s
Proguard_Exec_Error=Error executing Proguard. Please check Proguard is present at %1$s