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/* LzFind.h -- Match finder for LZ algorithms
2017-06-10 : Igor Pavlov : Public domain */
#ifndef __LZ_FIND_H
#define __LZ_FIND_H
#include "7zTypes.h"
typedef UInt32 CLzRef;
typedef struct _CMatchFinder
Byte *buffer;
UInt32 pos;
UInt32 posLimit;
UInt32 streamPos;
UInt32 lenLimit;
UInt32 cyclicBufferPos;
UInt32 cyclicBufferSize; /* it must be = (historySize + 1) */
Byte streamEndWasReached;
Byte btMode;
Byte bigHash;
Byte directInput;
UInt32 matchMaxLen;
CLzRef *hash;
CLzRef *son;
UInt32 hashMask;
UInt32 cutValue;
Byte *bufferBase;
ISeqInStream *stream;
UInt32 blockSize;
UInt32 keepSizeBefore;
UInt32 keepSizeAfter;
UInt32 numHashBytes;
size_t directInputRem;
UInt32 historySize;
UInt32 fixedHashSize;
UInt32 hashSizeSum;
SRes result;
UInt32 crc[256];
size_t numRefs;
UInt64 expectedDataSize;
} CMatchFinder;
#define Inline_MatchFinder_GetPointerToCurrentPos(p) ((p)->buffer)
#define Inline_MatchFinder_GetNumAvailableBytes(p) ((p)->streamPos - (p)->pos)
#define Inline_MatchFinder_IsFinishedOK(p) \
((p)->streamEndWasReached \
&& (p)->streamPos == (p)->pos \
&& (!(p)->directInput || (p)->directInputRem == 0))
int MatchFinder_NeedMove(CMatchFinder *p);
Byte *MatchFinder_GetPointerToCurrentPos(CMatchFinder *p);
void MatchFinder_MoveBlock(CMatchFinder *p);
void MatchFinder_ReadIfRequired(CMatchFinder *p);
void MatchFinder_Construct(CMatchFinder *p);
/* Conditions:
historySize <= 3 GB
keepAddBufferBefore + matchMaxLen + keepAddBufferAfter < 511MB
int MatchFinder_Create(CMatchFinder *p, UInt32 historySize,
UInt32 keepAddBufferBefore, UInt32 matchMaxLen, UInt32 keepAddBufferAfter,
ISzAllocPtr alloc);
void MatchFinder_Free(CMatchFinder *p, ISzAllocPtr alloc);
void MatchFinder_Normalize3(UInt32 subValue, CLzRef *items, size_t numItems);
void MatchFinder_ReduceOffsets(CMatchFinder *p, UInt32 subValue);
UInt32 * GetMatchesSpec1(UInt32 lenLimit, UInt32 curMatch, UInt32 pos, const Byte *buffer, CLzRef *son,
UInt32 _cyclicBufferPos, UInt32 _cyclicBufferSize, UInt32 _cutValue,
UInt32 *distances, UInt32 maxLen);
Mf_GetNumAvailableBytes_Func must be called before each Mf_GetMatchLen_Func.
Mf_GetPointerToCurrentPos_Func's result must be used only before any other function
typedef void (*Mf_Init_Func)(void *object);
typedef UInt32 (*Mf_GetNumAvailableBytes_Func)(void *object);
typedef const Byte * (*Mf_GetPointerToCurrentPos_Func)(void *object);
typedef UInt32 (*Mf_GetMatches_Func)(void *object, UInt32 *distances);
typedef void (*Mf_Skip_Func)(void *object, UInt32);
typedef struct _IMatchFinder
Mf_Init_Func Init;
Mf_GetNumAvailableBytes_Func GetNumAvailableBytes;
Mf_GetPointerToCurrentPos_Func GetPointerToCurrentPos;
Mf_GetMatches_Func GetMatches;
Mf_Skip_Func Skip;
} IMatchFinder;
void MatchFinder_CreateVTable(CMatchFinder *p, IMatchFinder *vTable);
void MatchFinder_Init_LowHash(CMatchFinder *p);
void MatchFinder_Init_HighHash(CMatchFinder *p);
void MatchFinder_Init_3(CMatchFinder *p, int readData);
void MatchFinder_Init(CMatchFinder *p);
UInt32 Bt3Zip_MatchFinder_GetMatches(CMatchFinder *p, UInt32 *distances);
UInt32 Hc3Zip_MatchFinder_GetMatches(CMatchFinder *p, UInt32 *distances);
void Bt3Zip_MatchFinder_Skip(CMatchFinder *p, UInt32 num);
void Hc3Zip_MatchFinder_Skip(CMatchFinder *p, UInt32 num);